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JAMMA/AAMA Standard Connector Pinouts and JAMMA Game list

JAMMA/AAMA Standard Connector Pinouts

   This Video Game Pinout Data Sheet Was Typed In By James R. Twine.
                     EMail:  jtwine@jtwine.com

                -> JAMMA/AAMA Standard Connector <-  

    Updated on 02/22/99: Added AAMA pins, and other AAMA connector

Name Of Game(s): Many!

Notes: Not all games will use all pins, and some kits may have extra
       connectors for more/different controls!  i.e. Street Fighter II
       and Ikari Warriors.  Some boards, for example, bootleg/pirate
       Street Fighter II-Champion Edition boards, (may) use the
       unused/spare pins for the extra button(s).
       (Pins marked with a "(*)" are optional/spare/undefined.)

                        [56-Pin PCB Connector]
           Solder Side            |             Parts Side
              GND             | A | 1 |             GND               
              GND             | B | 2 |             GND
              +5              | C | 3 |             +5
              +5              | D | 4 |             +5
              -5              | E | 5 |             -5
              +12             | F | 6 |             +12
            - KEY -           | H | 7 |           - KEY -
       Coin Counter # 2       | J | 8 |      Coin Counter # 1
     (*) Lock Out Coil #  2   | K | 9 |   (*) Lock Out Coil #  1
      (Left) Speaker (-)      | L | 10|     (Left) Speaker (+)
     (*) Right Speaker (-)    | M | 11|   (*) Right Speaker (+)
         Video Green          | N | 12|        Video Red
         Video Sync           | P | 13|        Video Blue   
        Service Switch        | R | 14|        Video GND    
      (*) Tilt Switch         | S | 15|          Test Switch
        Coin Switch # 2       | T | 16|        Coin Switch # 1
               2P  Start      | U | 17|         1P  Start          
  (TB:H-Dir)   2P  Up         | V | 18|         1P  Up    (TB:H-Dir)
  (TB:H-Clock) 2P  Down       | W | 19|         1P  Down  (TB:H-Clock)        
  (TB:V-Dir)   2P  Left       | X | 20|         1P  Left  (TB:V-Dir)
  (TB:V-Clock) 2P  Right      | Y | 21|         1P  Right (TB:V-Clock)
               2P  Button 1   | Z | 22|         1P  Button 1
               2P  Button 2   | a | 23|         1P  Button 2
               2P  Button 3   | b | 24|         1P  Button 3        
        (*)    2P  Button 4   | c | 25|     (*) 1P  Button 4 
     (*) Service Switch 2     | d | 26|     (*) Undefined  / Spare          
              GND             | e | 27|             GND  
              GND             | f | 28|             GND  

                 [15-Pin Player 3/4+ PCB Connectors]
                                  | 1 | GND
                                  | 2 | +5 VDC
                                  | 3 | Coin Counter
                                  | 4 | (*) Service
                                  | 5 | Coin
                                  | 6 | Start
                                  | 7 | Up
                                  | 8 | Down
                                  | 9 | Left (Center?)
                                  | 10| Right
                                  | 11| Button 1 
                                  | 12| Button 2
                                  | 13| Button 3
                                  | 14| Button 4
                                  | 15| (*) Undefined/Spare

              [5-Pin Video PCB Connectors (extra monitors)]
                                  | 1 | Red
                                  | 2 | Green
                                  | 3 | Blue
                                  | 4 | Composite Sync
                                  | 5 | Gnd

jamma games

mtr game                              developer           year
H   '88 Games                         Konami              1988  JAMMA
    1941                              Capcom              1990  JAMMA
V   1943: The Battle of Midway        Capcom              1988  JAMMA
H   3 Wonders                         Capcom              1991  JAMMA
H   9 Ball Shoot Out                  Bundra                    JAMMA
V   Aero Fighters                     McO'River           1992  JAMMA
H   Air Buster                        Namcoi/Kaneko       1990  JAMMA
V   Ajax                              Konami              1988  JAMMA
V   Alabaster                         Taito               1989  JAMMA
H   Alien vs. Predator                Capcom              1993  JAMMA
H   Aliens                            Konami              1990  JAMMA
H/V Ameri-Darts                       Ameri Corp          1989  JAMMA
V   American Horse Shoes              Taito               1990  JAMMA
H   Apache 3                          Data East (DECO)    1989  JAMMA
H   Arabian Fight                     Sega                1992  JAMMA
H   Arlington Horse Race              Strata/Incredible   1990  JAMMA
V   Arm Champs                        Jaleco              1991  JAMMA
V   Assault                           Atari (Namco?)      1988  JAMMA
H   Astayanax                         Jaleco              1989  JAMMA
V   Asuka 'N Asuka                    Taito               1988  JAMMA
H   Ataxx                             Leland              1990  JAMMA
H   Atomic Punk                       Irem                1991  JAMMA
H   Avenging Spirit                   Jaleco              1991  JAMMA
H   B.Rap Boys                        Kaneko              1991  JAMMA
H   Bad Dudes                         Data East (DECO)    1988  JAMMA
H   Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja        Data East           1988  JAMMA
H   Badlands                          Atari               1989  JAMMA
H   Batman                            Atari Games         1991  JAMMA
H   Battle Toads                      Electronics Arts          JAMMA
V   Battleantes (Battlantis?)         Konami              1987  JAMMA
V   Bermuda Triangle                  S.N.K.                    JAMMA
H   Bio-Ship Paladin                  American Sammy            JAMMA
H   Bionic Commando                   Capcom              1988  JAMMA
H   Black Dragon                      Capcom              1987  JAMMA
H   Black Tiger                       Romstar             1987  JAMMA
H   Blades of Steel                   Konami              1987  JAMMA
H   Blandia                           Taito/Allumer             JAMMA
H   Blasted                           Midway              1987  JAMMA
V   Block Block                       Capcom              1991  JAMMA
H   Block Out                         Technos/California  1990  JAMMA
H   Bloody Wolf                       Romstar             1989  JAMMA
H   Bloxeed                           Sega                1989  JAMMA
V?) Boot Camp                         Konami              1987  JAMMA
H   Bottom of the Ninth               Konami              1989  JAMMA
V   Bowl O Rama                       I/T                 1990  JAMMA
H   BreakThru                         Data East (DECO)    1985  JAMMA
H   Brute Force                       Leland              1990  JAMMA
    Bubble Symphony                   Taito                     JAMMA
H   Buster Bros.                      Capcom              1990  JAMMA
H   Cabal                             Fabtek/TAD          1988  JAMMA
H   Cadash                            Taito               1990  JAMMA
H   Cadillacs and Dinosaurs           Capcom              1992  JAMMA
H   Cal.50 Caliber-Fifty              Romstar/Seta        1989  JAMMA
V   Capcom Bowling                    Capcom              1987  JAMMA
H   Captain America and the Avengers  Data East (DECO)    1991  JAMMA
H   Captain Commando                  Capcom              1991  JAMMA
H   Carrier Air Wing                  Capcom              1990  JAMMA
    Castle of Dragon                  Romstar                   JAMMA
H   Caveman Ninja                     Data East (DECO)    1991  JAMMA
H   Champion Wrestler                 Taito               1990  JAMMA
H   Championship Bowling                                        JAMMA
H   Chelnov: The Atommic Runer        Data East           1988  JAMMA
H   Chinagate                         Kitcorp/Romstar     1988  JAMMA
V   Chopper I                         SNK                 1988  JAMMA
H   Cisco Heat                        Jaleco              1990  JAMMA
H   Clutch Hitter                     Sega                1991  JAMMA
H   Cobra Command                     Data East (DECO)    1989  JAMMA
H   Combatribes                       Technos             1990  JAMMA
H   Contra                            Konami                    JAMMA
H   Cool Pool                         Catalina            1992  JAMMA
V   Coors Light Bowling               Capcom              1989  JAMMA
H   Cotton                            Sega/Success        1991  JAMMA
H   Crime City                        Taito               1989  JAMMA
H   Crime Fighters                    Konami              1989  JAMMA
    Crude Busters                     Data East                 JAMMA
H   Cyberball 2072                    Atari               1989  JAMMA
H   D.D. Crew                         Sega                1991  JAMMA
H   Dangerous Dungeons                Game Room           1992  JAMMA
H   Dark Adventure                    Konami              1987  JAMMA
H   DE Block                          A/S                 1991  JAMMA
H   Dead Angle                        Fabtek/Seibu        1988  JAMMA
H   Desert Assault                    Data East (DECO)    1991  JAMMA
V   Devastators                       Konami              1988  JAMMA
H   DJ Boy                            American Sammy      1989  JAMMA
H   Double Axle                       Taito               1991  JAMMA
H   Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Ston Taito (Technos?)    1990  JAMMA
H   Double Dragon II: The Revenge     Technos/Romstar     1989  JAMMA
H   Double Dribble                    Konami              1986  JAMMA
V   Downtown                          Romstar             1990  JAMMA
H   Dragon Breed                      Irem                1989  JAMMA
V   Dragon Saber                      Namco               1990  JAMMA
V   Dragon Spirit                     Atari Games         1987  JAMMA
H   Dark Stalkers The Night Warriors  Capcom              1994  JAMMA
V   Drift Out                         A/S (Visco Games?)  1991  JAMMA
    Drift Out 94                      Namco                     JAMMA
H   Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom Capcom/SSI          1994  JAMMA
V   Dyger                             SHP                 1989  JAMMA
H   Dynamite Duke                     Fabtek/Seibu        1989  JAMMA
    Dynamite Mike?                                              JAMMA
H   Dynasty Wars                      Capcom              1989  JAMMA
V   Dyno Bop                          G/P                 1990  JAMMA
H   E.D.F. Earth Defense Force        Jaleco              1990  JAMMA
H   Eco-Fighters                      Capcom              1994  JAMMA
    Elevator Action 2                 Taito               1996  JAMMA
H   Empire City 1931                  Romstar             1987  JAMMA
H   Escape from the Planet of the Robers                  1989  JAMMA
    Extermination                                               JAMMA
H   Exterminator                      PRM (Gottlieb?)     1989  JAMMA
V   F-1 Grand Prix                    Video System        1991  JAMMA
H   Fighter's History                 Data East                 JAMMA
H   Fighting Golf                     S.N.K.              1988  JAMMA
V   Fighting Hawk                     Taito               1988  JAMMA
H   Final Fight                       Capcom              1990  JAMMA
H   Final Lap                         Atari               1988  JAMMA
V   Final Round                       Sega                1989  JAMMA
V   Fire Trap                         Data East (DECO)    1986  JAMMA
H   Forgotten Worlds                  Capcom              1988  JAMMA
H   Four Trax                         Atari               1989  JAMMA
V   Free Kick                         Merit Industries/?  1988  JAMMA
V   Gal's Panic                       Kaneko              1991  JAMMA
V   Gal's Panic 2                     Kaneko                    JAMMA
V   Galaga 88                         Atari               1988  JAMMA
H   Gang Wars                         SNK                 1989  JAMMA
H   Gate of Doom                      Data East           1990  JAMMA
H   Ghouls 'n Ghosts                  Capcom              1988  JAMMA
H   Gold Medalist                     Romstar             1988  JAMMA
H   Golden Axe: The Revenge of  Death Sega                1992  JAMMA
H   Golden Tee Golf                   STA                 1989  JAMMA
V   Gondomania                        Data East (DECO)    1987  JAMMA
H   Great 1000 Mile Rally             Kaneko                    JAMMA
V   Grid Seeker: Project Storm Hammer Taito               1992  JAMMA
H   Growl                             Taito               1991  JAMMA
H   Gryzor                                                      JAMMA
H   Guardians of the 'Hood            Atari Games         1992  JAMMA
V   Guerrilla Wars                    Tradewest/S.N.K.    1988  JAMMA
H   Gun Baron                         Jaleco              1991  JAMMA
H   Gundam                            Jaleco              1991  JAMMA
H   Gunforce                          Irem                1991  JAMMA
V   Gunnail                           NMK                       JAMMA
H   Hacha-Mecha Fighter               NMK                       JAMMA
H   Hammerin' Harry                   Irem                1990  JAMMA
H   Hard Head                         Sharp Image/Suna    1988  JAMMA
    Hat Trick Hero 95                 Taito                     JAMMA
H   Hatris                            Video Systema       1990  JAMMA
H   Haunted Castle                    Konami              1988  JAMMA
?   Heavy Barrel                      Data East           1988  JAMMA
?   Heavy Barrel                      Data East           1988  JAMMA
H   Heavy Unit                        Grand               1989  JAMMA
H   High Impact Football              Williams            1991  JAMMA
H   Hippodrome                        Data East           1989  JAMMA
H   Hit the Ice                       Williams            1991  JAMMA
H   Hook                              Irem                1992  JAMMA
V   Hot Shots Tennis                  Strata/Incredible   1990  JAMMA
H   Hydra                             Atari Games         1990  JAMMA
H   Ikari Warriors 3                  Tradewest/S.N.K.    1989  JAMMA
V   Kageki                            Romstar (Taito?)    1988  JAMMA
H   Karate Blazers                    McO'River           1991  JAMMA
H   Karnov                            Data East (DECO)    1987  JAMMA
V   Ki Ki Kai Kai                                               JAMMA
H   Klax                              Atari Games         1990  JAMMA
H   Knights of the Round              Capcom              1992  JAMMA
H   Kuri Kinton                       World Games         1988  JAMMA
V   L.E.D. Storm                      Capcom              1988  JAMMA
V   Last Duel                         Capcom              1988  JAMMA
    Last Mission                      Data East (DECO)    1986  JAMMA
V   Legion                            Nichibutsu          1987  JAMMA
H   Legionnaire                       Fabtek/TAD          1992  JAMMA
H   Lethal Enforcers                  Konami              1992  JAMMA
H   Life Force                        Konami              1986  JAMMA
V   Lightning Fighter                 Konami              1990  JAMMA
H   Lucky 8 Line                      GRH                 1989  JAMMA
H   M.I.A. Missing In Action          Konami              1989  JAMMA
H   M.V.P.                            Sega                1989  JAMMA
H   Magic Sword                       Capcom              1990  JAMMA
H   Magical Crystals                  Kaneko              1991  JAMMA
H   Martial Champions                 Konami                    JAMMA
    Mega Twins                        Capcom              1990  JAMMA
V   Mercs                             Capcom              1990  JAMMA
V   Meta Fox                          Seta?                     JAMMA
H   Metamorphic Force                 Konami              1993  JAMMA
H   Midnight Resistance               Data East (DECO)    1989  JAMMA
V   Mission XX                        Data East (DECO)    1982  JAMMA
H   Moonwalker (Michael Jackson's)    Sega                1990  JAMMA
H   Mortal Kombat II                  Midway              1994  JAMMA
H   Mortal Kombat III                 Midway              1996  JAMMA
H   Mortal Kombat 4                   Midway              1997  JAMMA
    Muscle Bomber Duo                 Capcom              1993  JAMMA
H   Mustang                           Demo                1990  JAMMA
    Mutant Fighters: Death Brade      Data East           1991  JAMMA
H   Mutant Warrior                                              JAMMA
V   MX 5000                           Konami              1987  JAMMA
H   Mystic Riders                     Irem                1992  JAMMA
H   N.Y. Captor                       Taito               1985  JAMMA
V   Namco Classics Volume 1           Namco               1997  JAMMA
V   Namco Classics Volume 2           Namco               1997  JAMMA
H   Nastar Warrior                    Taito               1989  JAMMA
H   NBA Jam                           Midway              1993  JAMMA
H   NBA Jam: Tournament Edition       Midway              1994  JAMMA
    Nemo                              Capcom              1990  JAMMA
H   Neo-Geo 2 Player Cabinet          SNK                 1990  JAMMA
H   New Dyna Blaster: Global Quest    Irem/Hudson Soft    1992  JAMMA
H   Ninja Clowns                      Strata              1991  JAMMA
H   Ninja Gaiden                      Tecmo               1988  JAMMA
    Ninja Kids                                                  JAMMA
    Ninja Spirit                                                JAMMA
H   Nintendo Super System Cabinet     Nintendo (S.N.K.)   1991  JAMMA
H   Off the Wall                      Atari Games         1991  JAMMA
V   Omega Fighter                     UFL/American Sammy  1989  JAMMA
H   Opertaion Thunderbolt             Taito               1989  JAMMA
H   Oscar                             Data East           1987  JAMMA
V   Out Zone                          Romstar/Toaplan     1990  JAMMA
H   P-47                              Jaleco              1989  JAMMA
H   P.O.W.                            S.N.K.              1988  JAMMA
V   PacMania                          Atari               1987  JAMMA
V   Paddlemania                       S.N.K.                    JAMMA
H   Paladin (Bio-Ship Paladin?)       American Sammy      1990  JAMMA
H   Pang                              Mitchell Corp             JAMMA
H   Peek-A-Boo (R-rated)              Jeleco                    JAMMA
V   Peggle                            Strata/Incredible   1991  JAMMA
H   Pig Out                           Leland              1990  JAMMA
H   Pipe Dream                        Demo                1991  JAMMA
H   PiPi&BiBis                        Toaplan                   JAMMA
H   Pit-Fighter                       Atari               1990  JAMMA
V   Poker Dice                        STA                 1991  JAMMA
V   Pound for Pound                   Irem                1990  JAMMA
H   Power Instinct                    Atlus               1993  JAMMA
    Powered Gear                      Capcom                    JAMMA
H   Prehistoric Isle                                            JAMMA
H   Primal Rage                       Atari Games         1994  JAMMA
H   Psycho Soldier                    SNK                 1986  JAMMA
H   Punk Shot                         Konami              1990  JAMMA
H   Pushman                           American Sammy      1990  JAMMA
H   Pyros                             Taito               1987  JAMMA
    Quiz Capcom World 2 (Japan only)  Capcom              1992  JAMMA
H   Quiz of Dragons                   Capcom              1992  JAMMA
H   R-Type II                         Irem                1990  JAMMA
H   Rabbit Punch                      Midway              1987  JAMMA
H   Rad Action                        UPL/World Games     1987  JAMMA
H   Rad Rally                         Sega                1991  JAMMA
V   Raiden                            Fabtek/Seibu        1990  JAMMA
V   Raiden DX                         Fabtek                    JAMMA
V   Raiden II                         Fabtek/Seibu        1993  JAMMA
H   Rainbow Islands: The Story of Buble 2                 1988  JAMMA
H   Rampart                           Atari Games         1990  JAMMA
H   Rastan                            Taito               1987  JAMMA
H   Relief Pitcher                    Atari Games         1992  JAMMA
H   Renegade                          Taito               1986  JAMMA
H   Riding Fight                      Taito               1992  JAMMA
H   Rim Rockin' Basketball            Strata/Incredible   1991  JAMMA
H   Road Riot 4wd                     Atari               1991  JAMMA
H   RoboCop                           Data East           1988  JAMMA
H   RoboCop 2                         Data East (DECO)    1991  JAMMA
V   Roller Games                      Konami              1991  JAMMA
H   Rolling Thunder                   Atari Games         1986  JAMMA
H   Rough Ranger                      Sharp Image/Capcom        JAMMA
H   Run & Gun                         Konami                    JAMMA
H   S.P.Y. Special Project Y          Konami              1989  JAMMA
H   Salamander                        Konami                    JAMMA
V   Search and Rescue                 SNK                 1990  JAMMA
H   Shadow Dancer                     Sega                1990  JAMMA
H   Shadow Force                      Technos             1993  JAMMA
H   Shogun Warrior                    Kaneko                    JAMMA
V   Sholin's Road                                               JAMMA
H   Shuuz                             Atari Games         1990  JAMMA
H   Sidearms                          Romstar (Capcom?)   1987  JAMMA
H   Silent Dragon                     Taito               1992  JAMMA
H   SilkWorm                          Tecmo               1988  JAMMA
H   Skins Golf                        Irem                      JAMMA
H   Skull                             Atari               1989  JAMMA
H   Skull & Crossbones                Atari Games         1989  JAMMA
V?) Sky Adventure                     S.N.K.              1989  JAMMA
V   Sky Shark                         Romstar/Taito       1987  JAMMA
V   Sky Soldiers                      Romstar             1988  JAMMA
H   Slam Masters: Tournament Edition  Capcom              1993  JAMMA
H   Sly Spy                           Data East           1989  JAMMA
H   Smash T.V.                        Williams            1990  JAMMA
H   Snow Bros.: Nick & Tom            Romstar/Toaplan     1990  JAMMA
H   Soccer Finals                     Leland              1990  JAMMA
H   Solar Warrior                     Memetron            1987  JAMMA
V   Space Position                    Sega                1986  JAMMA
V   Speed Rumbler                     Capcom              1987  JAMMA
H   Spider-Man: The Videogame         Sega                1991  JAMMA
H   Spinal Breakers                   American Sammy      1991  JAMMA
H   Sports Match                      Fabtek              1989  JAMMA
    Star Fighter                                                JAMMA
H   Steel Talons                      Atari               1991  JAMMA
V   Strata Bowling                    Strata/Incredible   1990  JAMMA
H   Strato Fighter                    Tecmo               1991  JAMMA
H   Street Fighter II                 Capcom              1991  JAMMA
H   Street Fighter II: Champion Editi Capcom              1992  JAMMA
H   Street Fighter II: Champion Editi Capcom              1992  JAMMA
H   Street Smart                      S.N.K.              1989  JAMMA
H   Strider                           Capcom              1989  JAMMA
V   Strike Gunner S.T.G.              Tecmo               1991  JAMMA
H   Strikeforce                       Williams/Midway     1991  JAMMA
H   Sunset Riders                     Konami              1991  JAMMA
V   Super Contra                      Konami              1988  JAMMA
H   Super Dodgeball                   Leland (Technos?)   1988  JAMMA
H   Super High Impact Football        Williams/Midway     1991  JAMMA
V   Super Pinball Action              Tecmo               1991  JAMMA
H   Super Pool 3                                                JAMMA
V   Super Qix                         Romstar             1987  JAMMA
H   Super Ranger                                                JAMMA
H   Super Street Fighter II           Capcom              1993  JAMMA
H   Super Street Fighter II Turbo     Capcom              1994  JAMMA
H   Super Volleyball                  Data East           1989  JAMMA
H   Superman                          Taito               1988  JAMMA
H   Survival Arts                     American Sammy            JAMMA
V   Tail to Nose                      Demo                1992  JAMMA
H   Tank Force                        Namco/Irene         1991  JAMMA
    Task Force Harrier                American Sammy      1989  JAMMA
H   Tecmo Knight                      Tecmo               1989  JAMMA
H   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMN Konami              1989  JAMMA
H   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: TurTime                 1991  JAMMA
H   Terminator 2                      Williams            1991  JAMMA
H   Terra Force                       Nichibutsu          1987  JAMMA
H   Tetris                            Atari Games         1989  JAMMA
H   The Berlin Wall                   Kaneko              1991  JAMMA
H   The King of Dragons               Romstar (Capcom?)   1991  JAMMA
H   The Main Event                    Kaneko              1988  JAMMA
H   The Main Event                    Konami              1988  JAMMA
    The New Zealand Story             Taito                     JAMMA
H   The Punisher                      Capcom              1993  JAMMA
H   The Simpsons                      Konami              1991  JAMMA
    Three Wonders                     Capcom              1991  JAMMA
V   Thunder & Lightning                                         JAMMA
V   Thunder Dragon                    Tecmo/NMK           1991  JAMMA
H   Thunder Fox                       Taito               1990  JAMMA
H   Thunder Strike                    Game Room           1992  JAMMA
    Thunder Zone                      Data East           1991  JAMMA
    Thunderbolt                                                 JAMMA
H   Thundercade                       Sega                1988  JAMMA
H   ThunderJaws                       Atari Games         1990  JAMMA
H   Tiger Road                        Romstar/Capcom      1987  JAMMA
H   Time Killers                      Strata/Incredible   1992  JAMMA
V   Time Soldiers                     Romstar/S.N.K.      1987  JAMMA
H   Toki                              Fabtek/TAD Corp     1989  JAMMA
V   Top Gunner                        Konami              1986  JAMMA
H   Top Secret                        Capcom              1987  JAMMA
H   Total Carnage                     Midway              1992  JAMMA
V   Touchdown Fever                   S.N.K.              1987  JAMMA
V   Tri-Sports                        Midway              1989  JAMMA
V   Truxton                           Midway/Taito        1988  JAMMA
V   Turbo Force                       MCR                 1991  JAMMA
H   Turtle Ship                       Philko Corp         1988  JAMMA
H   Turtles Lost in Time              Konami              1992  JAMMA
V   Twin Cobra                        Romstar/Taito       1988  JAMMA
V   Twin Eagle                        Taito               1988  JAMMA
V   Twin Eagle II                     Romstar                   JAMMA
V   Twin Hawk                         Taito               1989  JAMMA
H   Two Crude                         Data East (DECO)    1990  JAMMA
H   U.N. Squadron                     Capcom              1989  JAMMA
V   U.S. Classic Golf                 Taito               1989  JAMMA
H   Undercover Cops                   Irem                1992  JAMMA
H   V'Ball (U.S. Championship Beach V Taito               1988  JAMMA
    Vampire (Japanese Dark Stalkers?) Capcom                    JAMMA
V   Varth: Operation Thunderstorm     Romstar/Capcom      1992  JAMMA
H   Vendetta                          Konami              1991  JAMMA
V   Victory Road                      Tradewest/S.N.K.    1987  JAMMA
H   Vigilante                         Data East/Irem      1988  JAMMA
H   Violence Fight                    Taito               1990  JAMMA
H   Warriors of Fate                  Capcom              1992  JAMMA
H   Wheel of Fortune                  Gametek             1989  JAMMA
H   Willow                            Capcom              1989  JAMMA
H   Wizard Fire                       Data East (DECO)    1992  JAMMA
H   World Cup '90                     Tecmo               1990  JAMMA
H   World Rally                       Atari Games               JAMMA
H   World Soccer Finals               Leland              1990  JAMMA
H   WWF Superstars                    Technos             1989  JAMMA
H   WWF Wrestlefest                   Technos             1991  JAMMA
H   X-Men 4 Player                    Konami              1992  JAMMA
H   X-Men 6 Player                    Konami              1992  JAMMA
H   X-Men: Children of the Atom       Capcom              1995  JAMMA
H   Xexex                             Konami              1991  JAMMA
H   Mortal Kombat                     Midway/Williams     1992  JAMMA?
H   Neo-Geo 4 Player Cabinet          SNK                 1990  JAMMA?
H   Section Z                         Capcom              1986  JAMMA?
    Space Invasion (Commando?)        Capcom                    JAMMA?
V   Stormin' Party                    Taito                     JAMMA?
H   Street Fighter                    Capcom              1988  JAMMA?
    Tank Busters?                     Tehkan                    JAMMA?
    Zero Wing                         Williams?                 JAMMA?

JAMMA Origins Paper

From: noel@umbc2.umbc.edu (Noel Tominack, ACS, X3861)
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting
Subject: My Data Communications Paper
Date: 4 AUG 94 12:05:03 GMT

	Well, some people wanted to see it, so I thought I would post
it here.  My paper talked about the evolution and implementation of the
JAMMA standard.  Most of the material is from this newsgroup, hope you all
like it.
	I was told the other part of the paper was riddled with inaccuracies
but I hope this one is better.  If you all see something that isn't right,
please let me know

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The Video Game Industry Learns from
the Data Communications Industry

by Noel Tominack


	When an innovative technology is successful in one
particular field or application, it is the nature of other
industries to try and copy this success by trying to apply
the technology to meet their own needs.  This cross-
pollination of ideas brings technologies together that nobody
thought were related, much less possible.
	This paper will focus on what the video game industry
has picked up from the data communications industry.  Its not
too surprising, since both have recently rapidly advanced
because of advances in computers.  The first part with deal
with how an ailing branch of video games was revived by
taking a lead from the RS-232 standard; and the second part
will cover how Local area network principles were applied to
handheld video games to add a whole new aspect to their


	When the RS-232 standard was first introduced, it was
little more than an agreement on what each connector RpinS
would do.  But over time it had  become the de facto standard
for serial devices.  Modems, printers, and serial cards all
adhered to the RS-232 standard.  Because of this
standardization, its possible to hook up a printer or modem
manufactured 15 years ago to your band-new PC and it will
work.  So what does that mean to the video game industry?
For the manufacturers of arcade machines, it means a lot.
	Now, for the sake of this paper, the arcade machine will
be broken down into two basic parts.  The first is the
RboardS (also referred to as the logic board, or printed
circuit board--PCB for short) which houses the ROM chips of
the game itself and related microchips.  The second is the
RcabinetS which is the wood cabinet which houses the monitor,
the power supply, the control panel, the sound system, and
the coin mechanism.  The two together make an entire arcade
machine, and this section deals with how the board and
cabinet communicate with each other.
	In the early 1980s, the video arcade business was
booming and arcade were springing up all over the
countryside.  Demand for machines was high and all the
manufacturers were concerned about was selling new video
arcade machines, not compatibility.
	According to Steve Ozdemir, president of the Video
Arcade Preservation Society "you can go to the KLOV1 and find
any manufacturer who produced games in 1982 and also in 1986,
and I can assure you that those two games are NOT compatible
in any way!"   Mr. Ozdemir goes on to add "In fact, if you
pick randomly any two games from one manufacturer, you'll
probably have two incompatible games that will never be
backward or forward compatible--the hardware changes too
quickly!"(1)  In the rush to put new products out on the
market, arcade machine manufacturers decided not to worry
about compatibility between different boards and cabinets.
The arcade boom was quite strong and the demand was still
great for whole machines.  There is also another reason
arcade manufacturers kept making incompatible machines "This
also has a lot to do with the secretiveness of the time--many
boards werenUt even marked, companies were afraid of the
competition reverse engineering" says Chris McBride, another
Video Arcade Preservation Society member(2)
	One of the most interesting cases of incompatibility has
to do with 2 Atari games, Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe.
They use identical wiring harnesses and cabinets.  However,
when one board is put into the other's cabinet, play is
nearly impossible.  "The left and right rotation buttons are
reversed, pressing start will add credits to the machine, and
putting coins in will start your game."(3).  Obviously there
was a need for some standardization, at least within the
individual companies.
	Now there was some compatibility at the time within a
single manufacturers' line.  At Williams Electronics,
swapping the ROM chips and control panel was enough to
convert Stargate/Robotron/Joust into one another.  Both
Bally-Midway and Nintendo used the same harness on their Pac-
Man and Donkey Kong series games respectively(4).  That way
the arcade operator only needed one cabinet and could
purchase conversion "kits" for far less than a full game.  It
was a win-win situation; manufacturers could save on building
and shipping costs since they didn't need to make as many
cabinets, and operators could save the shipping costs of a
300-pound machine, as well as space in their arcades(2).  But
it would take outside events to accelerate this trend, and
that is exactly what happened in 1983.
	Just as quickly as the boom in the arcade business came,
it went.  The arcades that sprang up closed and the ones that
managed to remain open had far less income to spend on whole
games.  During this time there were still no industry-wide
standards for boards and cabinets, so arcade operators would
"hack" old cabinets to get new boards to work in them.
Several manufacturers also went out of business or merged
with other companies, reducing the number of number of
	By late 1984, there was a small boomlet in the arcade
industry, as the personal computer market expanded, it drove
down the price of memory and microprocessors.  Now video
games could have better graphics than ever.  But still the
problem remained, how to expand the industry with little
expense on all sides as possible.  That is when someone came
up with the idea to standardize the connections between the
boards and the cabinets.  This is what brought on the JAMMA
	The JAMMA (short for Japanese Amusement Machine
Manufacturers Association) wiring standard uses a set of pre-
defined pinouts for power inputs, control inputs, and
audio/video outputs.  The idea being that once a cabinet is
wired with a JAMMA connector, all you have to do is plug in a
new board to convert a game.  Its not always that easy with
some of the more complex games or the ones that have special
controls, but the idea is sound (5).
	The idea is sound because it was proven with RS-232
decades before JAMMA.  If all the manufacturers adhere to the
same standard, it makes it easier for manufacturers to make
compatible products.  Any JAMMA board can be put into any
JAMMA cabinet (at least for testing purposes).  Since the
wiring harness was standardized, third parties could
manufacturer wiring and cabinets, thus lowing the cost of
producing a game.  Also, an arcade operator could now easily
convert a game and bring the new one into service quickly, a
big plus in a busy arcade where game turnover is high.
Unlike the complete incompatibility problems of the early
1980s, any arcade board manufactured from 1987 on will work
in any JAMMA cabinet.
	The JAMMA standard used a 56-pin edge connector on the
board (see Appendix 1) with inputs and outputs common to most
video games.  These include power inputs (5 volts for the
game and 12 volts for sound); inputs for 2 joysticks and 2
buttons for each; analog RBG video output with negative
composite sync; single-speaker sound output; and inputs for
coin, service, test, and tilt (the former to accept game
credits and the latter to maintain the board).
	While JAMMA is a standard, it does have some limitations
"The different game manufacturers couldn't decide which way
to turn a monitor for vertical [screen orientation] games.
Consequently, some games come out upside down" says arcade
machine guru Richard Schieve (5).  Also, since the wiring is
only for one speaker, games with stereo sound need another
	Recent trends in arcade machines are having more than
two buttons (particularly for the genre of fighting" games) and the use
of 4-player games.  While these games maintain the original
JAMMA harness, they employ secondary harnesses to handle the
extra inputs(6).  Another way arcade manufacturers buck the
JAMMA standard is a 'back to the future' solution--ROM chip
replacements for conversions within a manufacturers. All of
Konami's 4-player games and the sequels to popular "fighting"
games can be converted with ROM upgrades.
	Unusual applications of the JAMMA standard are SNK's Neo
Geo System, the "Super Gun", and the adapting of older games.
While the Neo Geo System uses a JAMMA harness--the system
uses replaceable ROM cartridges to change games, and the
system may house from 1 to 4 separate games2.  The "Super
Gun" is a consumer electronic device that allows a person to
play JAMMA-compatible games at home using their TV and a wide
variety of controllers.  Finally, hobbyists and arcade
operators are breathing new life into old games by adapting
them to fit into JAMMA harnesses(5).
	The JAMMA standard allowed an industry on the verge of
collapse to bounce back and made life simpler for anyone
involved with arcade games.  With the advances in game
technology, there is talk of creating a JAMMA II standard to
overcome the limitations that JAMMA now has.  While this is a
good example of how the video game industry has learned from
the data communications industry, lets look at a more direct
technology transfer.

[part about handheld videogames using LAN technology deleted becase the
Game Boy segment has inaccuracies and besides, theis is a newsgroup for
arcade machines anyway]


	The video game industry was founded on the advances of
microprocessors and computer technology; and as this
technology grew to include data communications; that too
worked its way into the video game industry with very visible
and successful results.
	Up until 1985, arcade machines were often complete
incompatible with other games, even from the same
manufacturer.  This created a lot of problems compounded by a
sudden bust in the arcade industry in the mid-1980s.
Economic need and end-user demands required a set of
standards to make life easier for the arcade operators.
Because of the JAMMA standard, all arcade games use the same
wiring harnesses and can work in any JAMMA cabinet, reducing
costs for manufacturers and operators, not to mention
simplifying the whole process of game conversions.  But as
the arcade machines require more and more inputs and outputs,
the JAMMA standard may be superseded by a new industry-wide
standard for future machines.


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1 The KLOV refers to the "Killer List of Videogames" which lists and describes
every arcade machine manufactured to date

2 SNK also makes a home version of the Neo Geo system which utilizes a stadard
television and uses the same cartridges as it's arcade counterpart