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Liberator Memory Map

addr        A15     -     A0  r/w  D7 - D0  function

0000        0000000000000000       DDDDDDDD XCOORD
0001        0000000000000001       DDDDDDDD YCOORD
0002        0000000000000010       DDD      BIT MODE DATA

0340 - 303f                                 SCREEN RAM
3D40 - 3fff                                 WORKING RAM

4000        01000-----------  R    DDDDDDDD EARD/

5000        01010----------0  R           D COIN AUX (CTRLD/ SET LOW)
                                         D  COIN LEFT (CTRLD/ SET LOW)
                                        D   COIN RIGHT (CTRLD/ SET LOW)
                                       D    SLAM  (CTRLD/ SET LOW)
                                      D     SPARE
                                     D      SPARE
                                    D       COCKTAIL (CTRLD/ SET LOW)
                                   D        SELF-TEST (CTRLD/ SET LOW)
                                       DDDD HDIR (CTRLD/ SET HIGH)
                                   DDDD     VDIR (CTRLD/ SET HIGH)
5001        01010----------1  R           D SHIELD 2
                                         D  SHIELD 1
                                        D   FIRE 2
                                       D    FIRE 1
                                      D     SPARE
                                     D      START 2
                                    D       START 1
                                   D        VBLANK
6000 - 600F 0110000-----AAAA  W        DDDD BASRAM/
6200 - 621F 0110001-----AAAA  W    DDDDDDDD COLORAM/
6400        0110010---------  W             INTACK/
6600        0110011---------  W        DDDD EARCON
6800        0110100---------  W    DDDDDDDD STARTLG
6A00        0110101---------  W             WDOG/
6C00        0110110------000  W       D     START LED 1
6C01        0110110------001  W       D     START LED 2
6C02        0110110------010  W       D     TBSWP/
6C03        0110110------011  W       D     SPARE
6C04        0110110------100  W       D     CTRLD/
6C05        0110110------101  W       D     COINCTRR
6C06        0110110------110  W       D     COINCTRL
6C07        0110110------111  W       D     PLANET

6E00 - 6E3F 0110111-----AAAA  W    DDDDDDDD EARWR/
7000 - 701F 01110-------AAAA       DDDDDDDD IOS2/
7800 - 781F 01111-------AAAA       DDDDDDDD IOS1/