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Document Title: [Millipede.txt (text file)]


Typed in by Gary Ransom (g-ransom@ti.com)

Millipede settings (from Document TM-217 2nd printing):

0 = OFF  1 = ON  X = Don't Care  $ = Atari suggests

0XXXXXXX   Select Mode $
1XXXXXXX   Select Mode Off

X0XXXXXX   Easy Spider $
X1XXXXXX   Hard Spider

XX00XXXX   Bonus life every 12,000 points
XX01XXXX   Bonus life every 15,000 points $
XX10XXXX   Bonus life every 20,000 points
XX11XXXX   No Bonus life

XXXX00XX   2 lives per game
XXXX01XX   3 lives per game $
XXXX10XX   4 lives per game
XXXX11XX   5 lives per game

XXXXXX0X   Easy Beetle $
XXXXXX1X   Hard Beetle

XXXXXXX0   Easy Millipede head $
XXXXXXX1   Hard Millipede head

1XXXXXXX   1 coin counter - U.S. only
0XXXXXXX   2 coin counters

X1XXXXXX   1 credit minimum $
X0XXXXXX   2 credit minimum

XX00XXXX   Not Used
XX01XXXX   Not Used
XX10XXXX   Not Used
XX11XXXX   Not Used

           Select Mode Starting Score
XXXX11XX   0 points
XXXX10XX   0 and bonus life level
XXXX01XX   0, bonus life level, and 2x bonus life level $
XXXX00XX   0, bonus life level, 2x bonus life level, and 3x bonus life level

XXXXXX11   English $
XXXXXX10   German
XXXXXX01   French
XXXXXX00   Spanish

11XXXX00   Demonstration Mode
101XXXXX   For every 3 coins inserted, game logic adds 1 more coin
100XXXXX   For every 5 coins inserted, game logic adds 1 more coin
011XXXXX   For every 4 coins inserted, game logic adds 2 more coins
010XXXXX   For every 4 coins inserted, game logic adds 1 more coin
001XXXXX   For every 2 coins inserted, game logic adds 1 more coin
000XXXXX   No bonus coins $

XXX0XXXX   Left coin mech * 1 $
XXX1XXXX   Left coin mech * 2

XXXX00XX   Right coin mech * 1 $
XXXX01XX   Right coin mech * 4
XXXX10XX   Right coin mech * 5
XXXX11XX   Right coin mech * 6

XXXXXX11   2 Coins for 1 Credit
XXXXXX10   1 Coin for 1 Credit $
XXXXXX01   1 Coin for 2 Credits
XXXXXX00   Free Play