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Document Title: [MissileCommand.txt (text file)]


(8-position switch at R8)

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   Meaning
Off Off                         Game starts with 7 cities
On  On                          Game starts with 6 cities
On  Off                         Game starts with 5 cities
Off On                          Game starts with 4 cities
        On                      No bonus credit
        Off                     1 bonus credit for 4 successive coins
            On                  Large trak-ball input
            Off                 Mini Trak-ball input
                On  Off Off     Bonus city every  8000 pts
                On  On  On      Bonus city every 10000 pts
                Off On  On      Bonus city every 12000 pts
                On  Off On      Bonus city every 14000 pts
                Off Off On      Bonus city every 15000 pts
                On  On  Off     Bonus city every 18000 pts
                Off On  Off     Bonus city every 20000 pts
                Off Off Off     No bonus cities
                            On  ( Unused )
                            Off ( Unused )

(8-position switch at R10)

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   Meaning
On  On                          1 coin 1 play
Off On                          Free play
Off On                          2 coins 1 play
Off Off                         1 coin 2 plays
        On  On                  Right coin mech * 1
        Off On                  Right coin mech * 4
        On  Off                 Right coin mech * 5
        Off Off                 Right coin mech * 6
                On              Center coin mech * 1
                Off             Center coin mech * 2
                    On  On      English
                    Off On      French
                    On  Off     German
                    Off Off     Spanish
                            On  ( Unused )
                            Off ( Unused )