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Monitor manufacturers

Monitor manufacturers

Submitted by Kurt Koller

Electrohome Ltd.
809 Wellington St. N.
Kitchener, Ontario, N2G 4J6, Canada
800-265-2171 or 519-744-7111

Eygo of America
1361 N. Glenville Dr.
Richardson, TX  75081
FAX  972-918-0024

Pentranic USA, Inc.
1350 F. Brookville Way
Indianapolis, IN  46239
888-876-8898 or 317-322-2345
FAX  317-322-2347

Pentranic, Inc.
293 Clements Road W
Ajax, Ontario, L1S3W7, Canada
FAX  905-428-7023

Sharp Image Electronics, Inc.
9160 Jordan Avenue
Chatsworth, CA  91311
FAX  818-341-8144

Wells-Gardner Electronics
2701 N. Kildare Ave.
Chicago, IL 60639
800-336-6630 or 773-252-8220
FAX  733-252-8072