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Document Title: [PlayChoice10.txt (text file)]

************************** PLAYCHOICE 10 SWITCHES *************************

__________________DIP SWITCH 1________________________________
Setting	     Value	     A	 B   C	 D   E	 F   G	 H
Attract Mode No Sound				     Off
	     Sound				     On
Test	     Normal Play				 Off
	     Test Mode					 On

__________________DIP SWITCH 2________________________________
Setting	     Value	     I	 J   K	 L   M	 N   O	 P

All other switches are unknown, though definitely read (they show in test
mode).	Probably have separate uses per game.
Note also that certain values do wierd things.	The values that my game
arrived in (I-P on) prevented the coin-switches from working, so no game
play was possible!