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Robotron 2084 Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

Robotron 2084 Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

Submitted by Tad Perry, Allen Perry

Robotron Name Trick :

Fire up while moving right and press Player 1 button,
Fire down while moving up and press Player 2 button,
Move down while firing up.

Trick must be done during game play. The designer's names will appear and stay on the screen until the right joystick is released from the up position. Your game is over(!) once you've done this trick.

Get points and extra men :

This will get you lots of points and extra men but at a VERY slow pace. This is good if you are going for that 200 million game and want to let someone hold the game for you while you take a break or a nap. On any 5th stage ( the ones with the brain guys ) shoot everything but 1 or 2 brains. Try and get them to follow you to the top right side of the screen. While touching the right side of the screen move all the way to the bottom. Keep shooting up. The Brains can't move all the way to the right so you can't hit them but there snake shot will move to the right and you will hit that. The brains will just sit there and walk right not down. So you can stay there forever and shoot the snake shots. But you only get 25 points (i think) per shot. This is also good if you want to get a 9,999,975 score, if you are close just get to that screen and reach the top. Watch out for the stray shot that goes to the left, you may have to move left quick to kill it.