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Document Title: [SpaceDuelToGravitar.txt (text file)]


           Gravitar Control Panel in a Space Duel Cabinet

The following describes how to connect an Atari Gravitar control panel
to the Atari Space Duel cabinet harness.  Both the Gravitor control
panel and game PCB are virtual drop-in substitutes into the Space Duel
cabinet.  However, while the Gravitar panel has a 12-pin Molex-type
connector, Space Duel uses a 24-pin AMP-type connector.  Fortunately,
the Space Duel control panel signals are a superset of Gravitar's.  

In my own conversion, I made a small adapter that plugs in between the
Gravitar control panel and the Space Duel harness.  With this adapter,
no alterations are made to the harness or control panels and it is
easy to switch between the games.  The Gravitar game PCB requires no

The control panel wires on the Space Duel harness that are not
explicitly listed are not connected.  The pin numbers given are for
connector J24/P24 on both game's schematics (the connector at the
control panel.)  For your reference, the wire colors and the
corresponding pins on connectors P19 and P20 at the game PCB are

Remember, no warrentees, express or implied, are given.  Use this
information at your own risk.  I am not responsible for any damages
that may occur.  Your mileage may vary.  All I can say is that it
works for me.  :-)  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

--John Lee

---------Gravitar--------    Game PCB	 ---------Space Duel--------
---Control---	Colr  Pin    --Pin--	 Pin  Colr   ---Control---
Start2 LED	W-Bk  1	      P20-J	 13   Y-Bu   Start LED
Start2 Sw	Bu    2	      P20-11	 7    W-Bu   Select
Rot L		W     3	      P19-E	 3    W-R    Rot R Player 2
Rot R		O     4	      P19-5	 9    W-G    Rot R Player 1
Thrust		Y     5	      P19-6	 14   Y-V    Start Sw
Fire		Gn    6	      P19-4	 5    W-Y    Fire Player 2
Shields		Bu    7	      P19-3	 11   Y-O    Fire Player 1
Start 1 LED	V     8	      P20-7	 6    W-Gn   Select LED
Start 1 Sw	Gy    9	      P20-M	 4    W-O    Thrust Player 2
Sw Gnd		Bk    10      P20-12	 21   Bk     Sw Gnd
+5V		R     11      P20-Y	 23   R	     +5V
Prot. Gnd	Gn    12        --	 24   Gn     --

Color Key:
    Bk	Black	    Gy	Gray	    V   Violet
    Bu	Blue	    O	Orange	    Y   Yellow
    Gn	Green	    R	Red	    W   White

Colors such as "W-Bk" indicate "solid_color-stripe_color" (in this
case, a white wire with a black stripe.)

(End of Instructions)