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Document Title: [TankBattalion.txt (text file)]

Tank Battalion Switch Settings
Game Plan, Inc., 1981

There should be a self-test switch near the coin door somewhere,
along with a service switch and volume control.

There should be a volume pot and a reset switch on the game PCB.

Here is a quick run-down of the switch settings:

 1   2   3   4   5   6

                          Credits per Coin:
Off Off                   1 Coin 1 Credit
Off On                    1 Coin, 2 Credits
On  Off                   1 Coin, 1 Credit
On  On                    Free Play

                          Bonus Points:
        Off Off           Zero 
        Off On            10,000
        On  Off           15,000
        On  On            20,000

                          # Tanks per Game:
                Off       2
                On        3

Note: Switch #6 is not used

Factory default settings are:
Off Off On  On  On  Off

--Dave Holcomb