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Tempest Cheats

Tempest Cheats

This doesn't work on all Tempest machines. (However, if you find a Tempest machine that has high scores in excess of 900K, this is a good sign). Get a score in the form of XXYYZZ, where XX > 16, 29 < YY < 60, and ZZ is a code. Some codes are:
   01          - Test mode.
   06, 11, 12  - 40 free games.
   46          - Start at any level you like (up to level 81).
There are more. This was due to a bug in the code, and was corrected in later versions.

When the fuseballs are at the top, and in the center of the panel, you can sometimes move through them if you spin the dial very quickly. (This works best on the boards that have 'ends', as opposed to the circular, triangular, etc. boards) This is a desperation play for use towards the end, when you've used both your zaps and the fuseballs are after you.

The fuseballs move up and down only on the lines between the panels.