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Document Title: [TimeSoldiers.txt (text file)]

TIME SOLDIER - Switch Settings

These are the tables from my manual:

Dip Switch 1		1	2	3	4	5	6

Reverse			OFF
Easy				ON	ON
Normal*				OFF	OFF
Hard				ON	OFF
English Version*				ON
Free Play							OFF

Dip Switch 2		1	2	3	4	5	6

Coin 1 1 C1P*					OFF	OFF	OFF
Coin 1 1 C2P					OFF	OFF	ON
Coin 1 1 C3P					OFF	ON	OFF
Coin 2 1 C1P					OFF	OFF	OFF
Coin 2 2 C1P					OFF	OFF	ON
Coin 2 3 C1P					OFF	ON	OFF
Sound On Attract Mode*			ON
Player's Hero 3*	OFF	OFF
Player's Hero 4		OFF	ON
Player's Hero 5		ON	OFF
Player's Hero 6		ON	ON

*Romstar recommended setting

Hope this helps.  If you were really looking for the pinouts,
the manual has a table of those too.  E-mail me if you need them,
or if someone actually feels like putting these things at
wiretap, e-mail me and I'll send them to incoming dir or some such...
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