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Document Title: [WizardOfWor.txt (text file)]

Wizard of Wor
Bally/Midway, June 1981

                                 Wizard of Wor
                            Option Switch Settings

Option switches are located on the game PCB in the commercial card rack.
 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8    Option
                                  Left Hand Coin Slot
Off                               1 Coin  1 Credit
On                                2 Coins 1 Credit

                                  Right Hand Coin Slot
    Off Off                       1 Coin  1 Credit
    On  Off                       2 Coins 1 Credit
    Off On                        1 Coin  3 Credits
    On  On                        1 Coin  5 Credits

            Off                   English
            On                    Foreign Language
                                  (Requires A082-91374-A000)

                                  Worriors Per Credit
                Off               1 Credit = 2 Worriors/2 Credits = 5 Worriors
                On                1 Credit = 3 Worriors/2 Credits = 7 Worriors

                                  Bonus Player Awarded
                    Off           Bonus Worrior after third dungeon
                    On            Bonus Worrior after fourth dungeon

                                  Play Mode
                        Off       Coin Play
                        On        Free Play

                                  Game Attraction Sounds
                            Off   Continuous sound during "attract mode"
                            On    Sound during attract mode _only_ if game
                                  controls are touched.  (When any button
                                  or control is touched, game provides sound
                                  for one complete cycle of the "attract mode".
                                  It will then be quiet until touched again.)

Special Note:

When setting the switches SW#1, SW#2, and SW#3 to either of the following two
combinations, _only coin meter number 1 will count_.

SW#1  SW#2  SW#3
Off   Off   Off
On    On    On

If the above three switches are set to any other combination, coin acceptor
number 1 will cause coin meter number 1 to count and coin acceptor number 2
will cause coin meter number 2 to count.