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Document Title: [specforc.txt (text file)]


  PARTS SIDE                          CKT SIDE
  ----------                          --------
  1  GND                              A  GND
  2  GND                              B  GND
  3  +5V                              C  +5V
  4  +5V                              D  +5V
  5  +12V                             E  +12V
  6  -5V                              F  -5V
  7                                   H  COIN
  8  2 START                          J  1 START
  9  PL2 RIGHT                        K  PL1 RIGHT
 10  PL2 LEFT                         L  PL1 LEFT
 11  PL2 UP                           M  PL1 DOWN
 12  PL2 DOWN                         N  PL1 UP
 13  PL2 BUTT AND KICK                P  PL1 BUTT AND KICK
 14                                   R
 15                                   S  SVC
 16  GND                              T  GND
 17  VID GN                           U  VID RED
 18  SYNC                             V  VID BL
 19  SP                               W  TV AUDIO
 20  +24V                             X  CTR
 21  GND                              Y  GND
 22  GND                              Z  GND

 DIP SW 1   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8
            OFF  OFF                                  EASY 
            ON   OFF                                  NORM
            OFF  ON                                   HARD
            ON   ON                                   VERY HARD
                      OFF                             UPRIGHT
                      ON                              TABLE
                           OFF  OFF                   40K  BONUS MAN
                           ON   OFF                   50K
                           OFF  ON                    60K
                           ON   ON                    70K
                                     OFF  OFF  OFF    1/1  COIN/CREDIT
                                     OFF  ON   OFF    1/2
                                     ON   OFF  OFF    2/1
                                     ON   ON   OFF    3/1