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Document Title: [starwars.txt (text file)]

                       STAR WARS

P20: 44-pin edge connector

        component side        solder side
        --------------        -----------
                   GND  A  1  GND
                   +5V  B  2  +5V
                        C  3  GND     
                   -5V  D  4  GND     
              10.3 VDC  E  5
                        F  6            
            COIN CTR R  H  7  L COIN CNT
                 PITCH  J  8
                  ROLL  K  9
                        L 10  L FIRE/START
             SELF TEST  M 11          
                L COIN  N 12  R COIN
              AUX COIN  P 13  GND
                   GND  R 14  R FIRE/START
               L THUMB  S 15  R THUMB
                        T 16        
               AUDIO 1  U 17  AUDIO 2
                        V 18
                        W 19
                        X 20  +12V
                   +5V  Y 21  +SENSE (+5V)
                   GND  Z 22  -SENSE (-5V)

P18: 24-pin edge connector

        component side        solder side
        --------------        -----------
                   GND  A  1       
                   +5V  B  2       
                  +12V  C  3  +22V  
                        D  4  -22V   
                        E  5           
                        F  6  RED   
               RED GND  H  7  GREEN
             GREEN GND  J  8  BLUE 
              BLUE GND  K  9  Y OUT
                 Y GND  L 10  X OUT
                 X GND  M 11          
                        N 12          

Table 1-2 Switch  settings for play options
seeetings of 8-toggle switch of Star Wars game PCB (at 10D)

1     2     3    4    5    6    7   8   options
On   On                                6 starting shields
Off  On                                7 starting shields
On   Off                               8 starting shields
Off  Off                               9 starting sheilds
           On   On                     easy game play
           Off  On                     moderate gaem play
           On   Off                    hard game play
           Off  Off                    hardest game play
                      On  On           0 bonus shields for dest. Death Star
                      Off On           1 bonus shield for dest. Death Star
                      On  Off          2 bonus shields for dest. Death Star
                      Off Off          3 bonus shields for dest. Death Star
                                On     Music in Attract mode
                                Off    No music in Attract mode
                                    On Freeze Mode
                                   Off Normal game play
the recommeneded settings are 6 shields, hard game play, 1 bonus shield, music
in attract, and normal game play
There is another 8-toggle switch that controls the amount of coins and such
If you have setting 1 and 2 both On, it will give free game play, otherwise
the sequence is the same as above, with options as follows: 2 credits, 1, 1/2.
The other settings just deal with the 2 coin mechanisms, and I doubt they
would be important to you.  This setting switch should be called 10E/F
There is one more 4 setting toggle switch, only 1 is used.  If it is on then
The outputs of counter driver 1 and 2 are tied together (for 1 counter). If it
is off, then the counters are separate (for 2 counters).