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Document Title: [stratvox.44.txt (text file)]

                STRATOVOX CLONE

CKT SIDE                     COMP SIDE
-----------                ----------------
 1  GND                      A  GND
 2  GND                      B  GND
 3  +5V                      C  +5V
 4  +5V                      D  +5V
 5                           E
 6                           F  -5V
 7                           H
 8                           J
 9                           K
10                           L
11                           M
12                           N
13                           P
14                           R
15                           S
16  VID GN                   T  VID RED
17  SYNC                     U  VID BL
18                           V
19  +12V                     W
20                           X
21                           Y  GND
22                           Z  GND