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Document Title: [superbug.txt (text file)]

                     SUPER BUG

 COMP SIDE                         CKT SIDE
 -----------                      --------------
  1  16.5 CT GND                      A  16.5V CT GND
  2  +10V UNREG                       B  +10V UNREG
  3  VID GND                          C 
  4                                   D  
  5  VIDEO                            E  SLAM N.O
  6  +5V                              F  COIN 2 N.C
  7  COIN 1 N.C                       H  STEERING A
  8  STEERING B                       J  START N.O
  9  3RD                              K  1ST
 10  2ND                              L  GAS
 11  TEST N.O                         M  START LP
 12  LOCKOUT                          N  TRACK SELECT N.O
 14                                   R      
 15                                   S     
 16                                   T         
 17  SP+                              U        
 18                                   V     
 19  25V AC                           W  25V AC
 20  25V AC                           X  25V AC
 21  25V CT                           Y  25V CT
 22  GND                              Z  SP-  

 DIP 1         1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    
               ON   ON                                 ENGLISH
               OFF  ON                                 FRENCH  
               ON   OFF                                SPANISH
               OFF  OFF                                GERMAN
                         ON   ON                       NONE     EXTENDED PLAY
                         OFF  ON                       EASY   
                         ON   OFF                      MEDIUM
                         OFF  OFF                      HARD
                                   ON   ON             60       GAME LENGTH
                                   OFF  ON             90
                                   ON   OFF            120
                                   OFF  OFF            150
                                             ON   ON   FREE PLAY
                                             OFF  ON   1/2  
                                             ON   OFF  1/1    COIN/PLAY
                                             OFF  OFF  1/2