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Technical Information

Technical Information

Note: The information and links on this page might get moved around quite a bit before things get all sorted out. I'm just going to start putting up all kinds of information that I've had archived away, so please pardon the mess! :)

Identifying Unknown Board Sets

Back in 1994, Rick Schieve wrote an article about how to identify unknown boards. This article gives some quick tips on how to figure out what the pinouts are for an unknown PCB. The text is moderately technical so if you're not sure what Rick's talking about, you may want to get together with someone who has some electronics savvy before you attempt this type of procedure.

Game Aliases

Licensing issues and marketing areas have sometimes prompted manufacturers and distributors to rename game titles. Some names are universal, while others are not. Check out these game aliases to see if that title you've never heard of translates into something a little more familiar.

Repair Log

Here is some documentation on game fixes that myself and others have completed. You may find the information in this repair log useful in your attempts to repair game boards as well.

Alpha Denshi

VR: Champion Baseball

[Atari Logo] [Atari Games Logo]

Atari, for the most part, labeled their boards and parts very well. The part numbers for their manuals and ROMs give an excellent overview of most of the games this company has manufactured.


[Capcom Logo]

Data East



[Incredible Technologies Logo]

[Irem Logo]

[Jaleco Logo]

[Konami Logo]

For several years now, Konami has used only board numbers to label their games. Use this list to quickly identify what game board(s) you've got.

[Midway Logo]

View the MCR FAQ

View the MCR Series Pinout Page

[Namco Logo]

[Nichibutsu Logo]

[Nintendo Logo]


[Sega Logo]


[Seta Logo]

Sharp Image



[Taito Logo]






V System

[Williams Logo]

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