Dig Dug pseudo-restoration

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Traded a case of beer for a Dig Dug with monitor problems.


I repalced the freaking out G07 with a K4600 I have. Both have serious screen burn, the G07 from Super Pac-Man, and the K4600 with I don't know what. May have to try a tube swap.

before after --replaces monitor--> after
fried monitor fried monitor terrible picture of
not fried monitor
if anyone knows the fix for this problem [which cap?], please let me know.

Things remaining to do:

Well, this thing has had some serious water damage, or more like moisture damage. The "wood" has expanded and is flaking seriously, the T-molding has all fallen out, and if you brush against it it further disintegrates. The coin doors are rusty. So I doubt I'll be doing much except looking for a new cabinet and a new marquee [this one is in bad shape].

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