Jr. Pac-Man restoration

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Received a dead Jr. Pac-Man in a painted black cabinet. The control panel looks like it comes from something else, as it has an extra slot for a left-right joystick and a fire button.


Went down to deal with it. No ROM in 8K. Burn one, install it. Power up. Loud clicking, a few hunks of garbage on the screen. Figure the voltages are good. Replace RAM chips, better, but continually cycling through garbage.

8D has a weird chip, 27C640 [never seen one of these before] versus 27C64, marked "normal speed" and so let's assume someone screwed up here. Reburn a real 27C64, replace, works. Install a cheat chip for kicks.


Strip some paint off the one side, it has no side-art under the black paint. Will strip completely sometime in the near future.


Okay. So I did a cap kit, cos the screen tears on the right side.

before --applies capkit--> after after
Before the cap kit After the cap kit After the cap kit

So yeah, in other words, it still tears on the right side (bottom of actual monitor) and the bottom (left side of actual monitor) is crushed weird, which you can see by the pictures the bottoms of the Jr. Pacs on the bottom left are cut off. If I adjust the horizontal hold, the tearing gets worse and then loses sync, and when I turn it back to sync again it won't until I power off and on.

My assumption, then, is one of three things. 1. The pot is bad [I doubt this one] or 2. It has something to do with this here smashed-up coil:

fockered coil

or 3. Maybe I need to do this adjustment or this adjustment? My current vote is #3 and I'll do this on Friday.


Okay, so I followed #3 above, and I have a solid picture. I don't see a vertical position control, that would go a long way. Anyway, here's pictures (click for larger):

fixed fixed fixed

Of course, the sound died somewhere along the line. So now it looks good, but no sound.

Things remaining to do:

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