Mad Alien restoration

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Received a dead Mad Alien super mini.

This thing is mostly disassembled. I replaced the multilated power cord with a 3-prong power cord, replace the trashed fuse holder, power on with just the power board attached. Nothing. Pull the power board, secret little hidden fuse. Drop a 3A fuse in there, and the monitor powers on. So far so good.

Turns out the power supply had no -5. Got that going. Game comes up with non-synced garbage. Pulling out the super-corroded CPU and 3 legs pull off. I solder on replacements (the CPU has its markings etched out) and it's still no go. I replace it with a 6502 (guess) and it's the same, so I reckon the CPU is a 6502. I dumped the ROMS just in case. My guess is that I'm going to have to trace tons of DRAM/CPU lines.

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