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  Game Year Summary
1983 No summary.
Alpha Mission II (ASO - Armored Scrum Object 2)
1991 No summary.
Alpha One
1983 Prototype of Major Havoc.
Alpha Mission (ASO - Armored Scrum Object)
1985 No summary.
Plus Alpha
1989 No summary.
Moon Alpha
1979 No summary.
Street Fighter Alpha
1995 Yet another fighter.
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha
1996 This is a Japanese only release after Street Fighter Alpha 2 to please the Japanese pundits with the addition of Evil Ryu and other new modes of play.
Alpha Z, The
1986 No summary.
Keith Courage In Alpha Zones
1987 No summary.
Street Fighter Alpha 2
1996 No summary.
Street Fighter Alpha 3
1998 No summary.
Street Fighter Alpha: The Warriors Dream
1995 No summary.
Alpha Invader
1979 No summary.

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