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  Game Year Summary
Keith Courage In Alpha Zones
1987 No summary.
Dramatic Adventure Quiz Keith & Lucy
1993 No summary.
Keith & Lucy
1994 No summary.
Alpha Mission II (ASO - Armored Scrum Object 2)
1991 No summary.
1983 No summary.
Alpha One
1983 Prototype of Major Havoc.
Alpha Mission (ASO - Armored Scrum Object)
1985 No summary.
Plus Alpha
1989 No summary.
Moon Alpha
1979 No summary.
Street Fighter Alpha
1995 Yet another fighter.
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha
1996 This is a Japanese only release after Street Fighter Alpha 2 to please the Japanese pundits with the addition of Evil Ryu and other new modes of play.
Alpha Z, The
1986 No summary.
Street Fighter Alpha 2
1996 No summary.
Street Fighter Alpha 3
1998 No summary.
Street Fighter Alpha: The Warriors Dream
1995 No summary.
Alpha Invader
1979 No summary.

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