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  Game Year Summary
1978 No summary.
Laser Grand Prix
1983 Driving to a laserdisc background
Laser Base
1981 Asteroids-style shooter with a base instead of ship.
Laser Ghost
1990 No summary.
Space Laser
1980 No summary.
Laser Wars
1979 No summary.
Astro Laser
1981 No summary.
1986 Multiple-monitor game. Scrolls from Left to Right for most of the game, except when choosing the next level to go to, which scrolls Up and Down. Can gain power-ups along the way for stronger Bombs and (laser?) Shots..
Freedom Fighter
1986 Help free the world from robot tyrany! Grab your laser and shoot anything mechanical.
1992 Laserdisc game by American Laser Games starring comedian Gallagher

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