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  Game Year Summary
Mad Lander
1980 No summary.
Lunar Lander
1979 Check it out: Atari’s first vector graphics game. Using a throttle lever and rotation buttons, you attempt to land a manned spacecraft on the moon. Readouts show fuel usage and speed readings which must be coordinated for a successful landing.
Mad Planets
1983 Space - Blast "living planets"
Mad Alien
1980 No summary.
Mad Crasher
1984 No summary.
Mad Gear
1989 By Capcom, kinda like Bump-n-Jump on steroids.
Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold
1992 Laserdisc game by American Laser Games
Mad Dog McCree
1992 Laserdisc game by American Laser Games
Mad Motor
1989 No summary.
Mad Shark
1993 No summary.

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