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  Game Year Summary
Sports Match
1989 Similar to Mah-jongg but with sports-themed tiles and a twist in the rules of play.
Vs. Stroke and Match Golf
1984 No summary.
Water Match
1983 No summary.
Match 'em Up
1986 No summary.
Match-It 2
1993 No summary.
The King of Fighters '98 Dream Match Never Ends
1998 No summary.
Hyper Sports
1984 Compete in six Olympic events
1989 Power Strike (bowling), Pool shark (billiards), and Mini-golf Deluxe all in one cabinet
Hyper Sports Special Edition
1988 No summary.
Sports Fishing
1994 No summary.
Sports Fishing 2
1995 No summary.
Ultra Sports
1995 No summary.
Pro Sports
1983 No summary.
Sports Trivia
1987 No summary.
Hyper Sports Special
1988 No summary.
Hyper Sports (US)
1984 No summary.
Block Hole
1989 A puzzle game where a spaceship tries to shoot blocks by shooting the top of each block until they match. The game ends when the blocks reach the bottom.
San Francisco Rush - Extreme Racing
1996 Sports car driving game through San Francisco-based tracks, albeit with relaxed physics
1983 Collect floating pieces to match a given pattern while avoiding a solitary enemy.

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