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  Game Year Summary
Thunder Cat Strike
0 No summary.
Cat 'n Mouse
1982 No summary.
Thunder Strike
1992 No summary.
Strike Avenger
1984 No summary.
Strike Zone Baseball
1988 No summary.
F-15 Strike Eagle
1991 Flight combat simulator based on the computer game series.
Strike Fighter
1991 No summary.
Strike Force
1991 No summary.
Strike Gunner (S.T.G.)
1991 No summary.
Pinbo (Strike)
1985 No summary.
Street Fighter 3 : 3rd Strike Fight For the Future
1999 No summary.
Strike Back
1994 No summary.
Street Fighter 3 3rd STRIKE Fight for the Future
0 No summary.
Strike Bowling
1982 No summary.
1991 Guide Spider-Man, Black-Cat, Hawkeye and/or Sub-Mariner as they punch and kick their way through four chapters worth of Dr. Doom's villains.
Rolling Thunder
1987 side-scrolling shooter
Thunder Fox
1990 No summary.
Operation Thunder Hurricane
1997 High Caliber Machine Gun War Simulation
New Rolling Thunder
1987 No summary.
Rolling Thunder 2
1990 No summary.
Lethal Thunder
1991 No summary.
Thunder & Lightning
1990 No summary.
Thunder Blade
1995 No summary.
Thunder Bolt
0 No summary.
Thunder Crester
0 No summary.
Thunder Cross
1988 Standard shooter: progress by levels, options and various weapon powerups.
Thunder Jaws
1990 An underwater platform scroller.
Thunder Rider
0 No summary.
Thunder Cross 2
1991 Standard shooter: progress by levels, options and various weapon powerups
Thunder Dragon
1991 No summary.
Thunder Force
0 No summary.
Thunder Force 2
0 No summary.
Thunder Zone
1991 No summary.
Thunder Bird
0 No summary.
Thunder Blaster
1991 No summary.
Thunder Captor II
1986 No summary.
Thunder Cepter
1986 No summary.
Thunder Cepter II
1986 No summary.
Thunder Force AC
1990 No summary.
Thunder Hoop
1992 No summary.
Thunder Hoop 2
1994 No summary.
Hydro Thunder
1999 Midway.
Thunder Hurricane
0 Konami
Thunder Ceptor
1986 No summary.
Thunder Ceptor 2
1986 No summary.
1989 Power Strike (bowling), Pool shark (billiards), and Mini-golf Deluxe all in one cabinet
Kuhga - Operation Code Vapor Trail
空牙 – Operation Code Vapor Trail
1989 In 1999, a terrorist organization known only as DAGGER has occupied the city of New York where they have hacked into military defenses world-wide, established their own military command and gained access to nuclear missile silos. They hold the world hostage in this position and promise to cancel their threats of destroying the Earth only until the world's governments relinquish their power to DAGGER.

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