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Released in 1988

Developer: Exidy
Manufacturer: Exidy
Distributor: Exidy

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Game Summary

Shoot at things with a gun and "solve" a murder mystery, of sorts.

Hardware Platform

Exidy 440

Game Details

Protect your on-screen hero character from dangerous obstacles and threats by shooting them. Direct the character thru an estate mansion and grounds, in order to "solve" a murder mystery of sorts.

The last gun game of the Exidy "Alliterative Shooting series", including Crossbow, Cheyenne, Chiller, etc., this one isn't so Alliterative. This rare game is unique in that the on-screen character's direction of movement can actually be influenced/controlled by appropriate shooting techniques. In this case, the game's screens are different rooms and locations of a large estate; most of the screens have multiple exit "doors" for example, which the character can be directed through. Member Ratings / Comments

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