The National Coin-Op and Video Game Museum
The North Room
November 1994

Dodging the stand up Battlezone, you try not to trip over a cocktail Zaxxon while gawking at Pong and Computer Space glittering to the side. Actually, they have two Computer Space machines, one red, one green. (A sign explains the Space Invaders is out for repairs.) You make out yet another room. There are some pinball games here, from very old models dating back before the war, to Superman to Gorgon to Eight Ball and Cyclone. Looks like an escapee from the Pac Man crowd is here, too.

But of course, the emphasis here is on video games. Marble Madness in the distinctive Atari System I cabinet, standing next to the black-balled Millipede in the traditional Atari cabinet. There's Phoenix, Missle Command, Galaxian, and Galaga. Then a mint condition Centipede, then Tron, Berzerk, Tetris, and... could it be a Joust back there?

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