Taito Space Invaders & Space Invaders Part II Cocktail Tables

Updated February 17, 2003

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Space Invaders

General Game Information

The Space Invaders board I have that appears to be the sound board says "Taito TVN00004" and then has a Bally sticker on it. The board that appears to be the Processor board says Taito then has whatever was below it scratched off the board. The last board, which appears to be a ROM/RAM board, has AA017756, which I can't match against anything. It has ROMS marked SV04 at position 31, SV10 at position 34, SV02 at position 35, SVOH at postition 36, SV06 at position 41, and SV09 at position 42.

The ROM board says Bally R No 008863 and the sound board has a sticker that says Bally R No 008862. The CPU board doesn't have one of these. All dipswitches are on on the "sound" board. Looks like all chips on there are painted over also.

The power supply has AA017751 on it. PVN00004 is supposed to be space invaders part II, but I have TVN00004.

Here are board shots:
th_board_ROM th_board_CPU th_board_sound

Before the fix images

Here are some shots of the top, control panels, and inside. It's very clean:

th_sitop th_p1control th_p2control th_inside1 th_boardinfo

Here are some shots of the (fried) power supply:

th_ps th_psclose

I repaired the power supply. Bridge Rectifier "KBU4G GI 435B Malasia" was replaced with "KBL06 Malasia" and the 10uf/25V tantalum cap right next to it (which had fried) was replaced with a 10uf/35V Electrolytic I had. All voltages on the harnesses match these: Taito 3board harness TODO LINK

Now we get:
th_screen th_screenclose
[nudge reset]
th_working th_working2 th_working3

Success! It's working (but I still need to repair the reset circuit), but then I killed the monitor by trying to adjust the vertical size. The pot was way corroded and fell off the board, collapsing the screen to 1 pixel or so. I am going to replace all the pots as long as I am in there...

Repaired the pot. Nice stable picture. Got color copies of the instruction cards, put them below the glass. Looks nice. I'd like originals, if you have some you don't need let me know.

Space Invaders Part II

General Game Information


This one's more complex. The sound board was mostly screwed up, only two of the sounds worked. Here's a photo (the notes on the photo are from when I was trying to ID some chips, in case you're interested they're all LM3900 chips except the the upper right, which is a 556 timer):


It comes up and runs. It has a few problems. The missle sound seems to go on a loooong time. If you fire and it doesn't hit a guy the sound keeps playing, almost like it plays a second time. Not sure if this is by design, but then at the end of a wave, when the guy's flying away SOS and making that weird set of noises, the fire noise also kicks in, repeatedly. Seems off.

The 74LS153 on the sound board has a yellow jumper wire on it from pins 8 to 10, if I remove it it resets continually. I have a Defender where I something similar so it would reset, pretty funny I guess the Karma Gods are out there. I'm going to figure out why the one lead (and the one next to it, they're tied together) needs to be grounded and fix it.

Also, the top part of the invaders in formation are missing. The UFOs are fine, the base is fine, the shields are fine, the title sequence is fine, but for some reason the top halves of the invaders (all of them) is missing. Any ideas?

Also, the monitor does this reverse video thing, even with the other boardset:

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