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  Game Year Summary
Vs. Ice Climber
1988 No summary.
Ice Climber
1988 No summary.
Crazy Climber
1980 In one of Nichibutsu's most popular arcade games, you must climb up 4 very tall buildings while avoiding obstacles and pitfalls.
Crazy Climber 2
1981 Sequel to Crazy Climber. Climb a building and avoid falling obstacles. A Japanese game featuring excrement that actually made it to the states!
Hill Climber
1993 No summary.
Rock Climber
1981 No summary.
Peter Pepper's Ice Cream
1984 No summary.
Ice Berg
0 No summary.
Hit The Ice
1991 An all action ice hockey game by Taito, badged by Williams.
Open Ice 2-on-2 Challege
1995 NHL Jam. :)
Fighting Ice Hockey
1984 No summary.
Open Ice
1995 No summary.
Fire Trap
1986 Climb burning buildings, avoid falling objects, put out fires, and rescue people and animals. All at the same time.

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