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  Game Year Summary
Jack the Giant Killer
1982 Get the giant's treasure and get down the beanstalk.
Killer Comet
1981 No summary.
Lady Killer
1993 No summary.
Crypt Killer
1995 No summary.
Killer Instinct
1994 Ten fighters battle in on-on-one fights in order to face the final boss Eyedol and win the Ultratech Tournament.
Killer Instinct 2
1996 Ten fighters duke it out in one-on-one battles, in order to reach the boss, Gargos, and win the Ultratech Tournament.
Killer Shark
1973 Perhaps Sega. Player aims gun at a moving shark to kill it.
Bomb Jack
1984 Collect bombs around the world
Jumping Jack
1983 Jump your way to raft
Snap Jack
1983 Eat dots over scrolling landscape
Aqua Jack
1989 Military hovercraft third-person shooter.
Steeple Jack
0 No summary.
Bomb Jack Twin
1993 No summary.
Jack Pottens's Poker
1981 No summary.
1981 A 2- or 4- Player battle frenzy to be the first to destroy the Killer Bagel (actually a Death Star of sorts).
Burger Time
1982 Build giant burgers by running over ingredients.

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