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  Game Year Summary
Last Blade 2
1998 No summary.
Last Blade (Gekka no Kenshi)
1997 No summary.
Storm Blade
1993 No summary.
Thunder Blade
1995 No summary.
Warrior Blade
1990 No summary.
Blade Master
1991 Sideways scrolling hack-n-slash, set in a mythical land.
Soul Blade
1996 You've been killed by and evil ruler, and become a vampire. Now you need to eat souls to live.
Zed Blade
1994 No summary.
Gun Blade N.Y.
1996 No summary.
Sengoku Blade
1996 No summary.
Star Blade
1991 No summary.
Gun Blade NY
1996 No summary.
Change Air Blade
1999 No summary.
Last Duel
1988 No summary.
Last Inning
1975 No summary.
Last Mission
1986 No summary.
Last Starfighter
1984 No summary.
Last Survivor
1989 No summary.
Last Bronx
1996 No summary.
Last Resort, The
1992 No summary.
Last Bounty Hunter, The
1994 Laserdisc game by American Laser Games
'99 The Last War
1985 Fake-3d vertical shooter over a slightly-wider-than-the-screen background image.
Last Apostle Puppet Show
1988 No summary.
Outlaws of the Last Dynasty
1995 No summary.
Quiz Daisousa Sen - The Last Count Down
1991 No summary.
Last Resort
1992 No summary.
R-Type Leo
R-Type LEO
1992 The last arcade game in the R-Type Trilogy by IREM. Rare, energetic, but lacks the skills and inteligence that the former R-Types require.
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force
2001 3rd game in the series. Last arcade release, the series continues on the PlayStation
Robotron 2084
1982 Kill robots and save last human family
1983 The first (and last?) rock-n-roll game.
Operation Ragnarok
1994 See Zed Blade.

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