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  Game Year Summary
Lucky Poker
1981 A Data East cassette poker game.
Lucky Wander Boy
1983 Game was designed by Uzumaki Corporation.
Lucky 8 Line
1989 No summary.
Lucky & Wild
1993 Drivin' and shootin'.
Draw Poker
1982 No summary.
Poker Ladies
1989 Strip Poker. Copyright on game is "Mitchell."
Poker Dice
1991 No summary.
Big Apple Poker
1987 No summary.
Greyhound Poker
0 No summary.
Jack Pottens's Poker
1981 No summary.
Super Poker
1987 No summary.
Pit Boss
1984 Game includes poker and 3 of several games; blackjack, acey deucey, foto finish (horse racing), super slots.
New Rally-X
1981 Updated version of the racing game Rally-X with easier gameplay and the addition of a "lucky" flag.
Gun Dealer
1990 Poker/Card puzzle game that "rewards" the player with naked ladies.

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