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  Game Year Summary
Mouse Trap
1981 A somewhat-inventive Pac-Man clone
Fire Trap
1986 Climb burning buildings, avoid falling objects, put out fires, and rescue people and animals. All at the same time.
Cheeky Mouse
1980 No summary.
Funny Mouse
1982 No summary.
Macho Mouse
1982 No summary.
Super Mouse
1982 No summary.
Cat 'n Mouse
1982 No summary.
Magical Tetris Featuring Mickey Mouse
1999 Tetris featuring Mickey Mouse, what else?
Pop Flamer
1982 Pop Flamer - a mouse with a flame-thrower flames anything that moves and is not a balloon. Pop all the balloons on each level to move to the next.
Space Panic
1980 Dig holes to trap aliens. Fill holes back up to kill them.
Heiankyo Alien
1979 Move a character around a maze and try to trap aliens in bubbles.
Bubble Bobble
1986 As Bub and Bob, you try to capture enemies in bubbles and pop them to complete all 100 levels and rescue your girlfriends.

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