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  Game Year Summary
Night Slashers - 285 Made
1993 No summary.
Night Driver
1976 Earliest first-person driving game.
Night Stocker
1986 No summary.
Night Racer
1976 No summary.
Night Striker
1989 No summary.
Saturday Night Slam Masters
1993 A wrestling game with many characters, including some from Street Fighter.
Vampire : The Night Warriors
1994 Japanese title for "Darkstalker."
Mutant Night
1987 No summary.
Night Gal
1983 No summary.
Night Star
1983 No summary.
1998 No summary.
Crazy Climber 2
1981 Sequel to Crazy Climber. Climb a building and avoid falling obstacles. A Japanese game featuring excrement that actually made it to the states!
Glob, The
1983 Retrofit kit for Pac-man, made by Epos Corporation.
1983 Space - fly through the solar system shooting enemies. Made by Konami and Centuri.
Crazy Kong
1981 A Donkey Kong clone (not a bootleg) made by Falcon.
Crazy Kong Part II
1981 A Donkey Kong clone (not a bootleg) made by Falcon.
Compugraph Foto
1979 This is a photo booth device made by Atari.
Print Club 2
1997 A classic photo booth that can be reconfigured to print stickers. Has two verified styles of printers and can print one, four or sixteen pictures to a page in beautiful photo-quality images. Has overlays that are applied to the frame of the image.

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