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  Game Year Summary
Sea Devil
1973 Perhaps Sega. Player aims gun at a moving manta ray to kill it.
Devil Fish
1984 No suUse fish as bait to capture octopod.
Devil Worlds
1987 No summary.
Devil Zone
1980 No summary.
Devil's Home
0 No summary.
Sea Wolf
1976 Shoot ships from your submarine.
Sea Wolf II
1978 Sequel to Sea Wolf, this time in color.
Poseidon Sea Fighter
1984 No summary.
Sea Battle
1976 No summary.
Sea Beasts
0 No summary.
Land Sea Air Squad
1986 No summary.
Up Your Alley Sea II
1987 No summary.
Victory at Sea
1986 No summary.
Sea Bass Fighing
1998 No summary.
Sea Fighter Poseidon
1984 No summary.
Sea Witch
0 No summary.
1977 Two player battle - air vs. sea (bomber vs. destroyer)
Flying Shark
1987 Airplane shooting game - ground, sea, and air targets
M.A.C.H. 3
1983 Flying - Destroy ground and air targets. Has a fighter game and a bomber game. AKA Mach 3, M.A.C.H. III

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