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  Game Year Summary
Baseball Stars Professional
1990 Standard baseball game with unique themed teams and stats. Has photos for every single player.
Baseball Stars 2
1992 No summary.
Baseball Stars Pro 2
1992 No summary.
Baseball Stars
1990 No summary.
Professional Ms. Pac-Man
1982 No summary.
Brand New Stars
1997 No summary.
Soccer Super Stars
1995 No summary.
Top Ranking Stars
1993 No summary.
Astra Super Stars
1998 No summary.
Poly Stars - Tobe!
1997 No summary.
0 No summary.
Champion Baseball
1983 Baseball.
Tornado Baseball
1976 No summary.
Atari Baseball
1978 Two-player baseball game.
Baseball II
1987 Baseball game.
Baseball The Season II
1987 No summary.
Capcom Baseball
1989 No summary.
Champion Baseball II
1984 No summary.
Double Play Baseball
0 No summary.
Strike Zone Baseball
1988 No summary.
Super Champion Baseball
1990 No summary.
Vs. Baseball
1984 No summary.
Vs. Atari R.B.I. Baseball
1987 No summary.
2020 Super Baseball
1991 A futuristic baseball game set in the year 2020 which features powerups that helps with batting and pitching.
Dynamite Baseball
1996 No summary.
Super Baseball 2000
1991 Futuristic baseball.
Dynamite Baseball '97
1997 No summary.
Dynamite Baseball '99
1999 No summary.
Ninja Baseball Batman
1991 No summary.
Sandlot Baseball
1985 No summary.
Super Baseball Double Play Home Run Derby
1987 No summary.
Galaga '88
1988 The official sequel to Galaga gets updated with new graphics, in-game-music for bonus stages, and scrolling stages--not just stars.
WWF WrestleMania
1995 A WWF-licensed wrestling game, with digitized stars like Bret Hart, the Undertaker, and Doink the Clown.
STUN Runner
1989 Race along tunnels grabbing power boosts, stars and shockwaves while shooting all the bad guys.
Clutch Hitter
1991 An excellent baseball game that includes the actual rosters of the 1991 MLBPA.
Ring Rage
1992 Professional wrestling. Royal Rumble, Cage Matches, etc.
WWF Wrestlefest
1991 Wrestling, not that it's a sport really, just acting. WWF WrestleFest is a wrestling game that is a follow-up to WWF Superstars. One to four players can play in a Tag Team Challenge or the Battle Royal.
Bottom of the Ninth
1989 Baseball simulation game. Batter and pitcher viewpoint.
Cobra Command
1984 Standard scrolling shooter. Fly your helicopter and wipe out round after round of bad guys while picking up powerups.
Galaga Plus
1984 Distributed game name: GAPLUS OR GALAGA 3... A sequel released by NAMCO of the original Galaga under two different names both released in 1984.

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