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Moon Alien-Part 2
1980 This game is very similar to Galaxian, except that there is now an energy meter at the bottom that decrements with time. If you do not destroy all the aliens before this meter empties, your ship is destroyed.
Moon Alien
1980 Tabletop-only shooting game.
Lunar Lander
1979 Check it out: Atari’s first vector graphics game. Using a throttle lever and rotation buttons, you attempt to land a manned spacecraft on the moon. Readouts show fuel usage and speed readings which must be coordinated for a successful landing.
Pleiades Part 2
1981 No summary.
Galaxian Part 4
1979 No summary.
Space Invaders Part II
1980 Thump Thump Thump you shoot the aliens vertically to keep them from tromping down on to you. This was also the FIRST game to have a intermission between levels, ever!
Special Dual Part II
1979 No summary.
Vindicators Part II
1988 tank game - overhead view
Boulder Dash / Boulder Dash part 2
1990 No summary.
F-1 Grand Prix Part 2
1992 No summary.
Galaxian Part 1
1979 No summary.
Pliades Part 2
1981 No summary.
Space War Part 3
1978 Space Invaders clone.
Crazy Kong Part II
1981 A Donkey Kong clone (not a bootleg) made by Falcon.
Alien Syndrome
1987 Third-person shooter where you get to blast all kinds of aliens and rescue people. You can also find power-ups for better blasting power!
Cosmic Alien
1979 Vertical shooter in which you fight aliens.
Alien 3: The Gun
エイリアン3 ザ・ガン
1993 Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot.
Alien Arena
1985 No summary.
Alien Invader
1979 Similar to Galaxian with some gameplay variations.
Alien Sector
1985 No summary.
Alien Storm
1990 No summary.
Mad Alien
1980 No summary.
Alien vs. Predator
1993 Humans and Predators team up in Final Fight style to vanquish the necronom aliens that have invaded earth.
Alien Challenge
1994 No summary.
Alien Crush
1988 No summary.
Die Alien Scum!
1994 No summary.
Heiankyo Alien
1979 Move a character around a maze and try to trap aliens in bubbles.
Moon Cresta
1980 Space - Shoot the aliens, dock the ships
Moon Patrol
1982 Space - drive moonbuggy over surface
Moon Quasar
1980 No summary.
Moon Base
1979 Drive a car around a maze and eat the dots. Avoid crashing with the other car.
Moon Shuttle
1981 Fly your shuttle through asteroid fields.
Moon Alpha
1979 No summary.
Moon Raker
1979 No summary.
Moon Ranger
1982 No summary.
Moon War II
1981 No summary.
Super Moon Cresta
1980 No summary.
Super Moon Crusher
0 No summary.
Moon Base Deluxe
1978 No summary.
Moon Placer
1980 No summary.
Moon Quake
1987 No summary.
Moon Tracker
1979 No summary.
Moon Trek
1980 No summary.
0 No summary.
Michael Jackson's Moon Walker
1990 No summary.
Moon War
1981 No summary.
Steel Gunner 2
1991 As part of of a male/female police force you must follow and destroy aliens to save the city.
1981 Qix (pronounced "kicks") is a simple and elegant game in which you claim territory by drawing boxes to fill a rectangular space. You must avoid the Qix – sticklike objects that float and bounce through your space in unpredictable patterns. You can rack up more points for creating boxes more slowly, and besides the Qix, you must be careful of Sparx and Fuses which appear if your marker stops while you are drawing.
Smash TV
1990 In the "distant" future of 1999, you are a contestant on the most violent game show of all – Smash TV. On this game show anything goes, as you attempt to collect prizes, cash, and keys by fighting off a host of enemies with your array of weapons. In some versions, if you collect enough keys, you are rewarded with a trip to the Pleasure Dome.
1987 Run, jump and shoot your way to the alien base. A.K.A. "Gryzor."
1987 Run, jump and shoot your way to the alien base. A.K.A. "Contra."
Star Raker
1981 alien planet reskinned version of Borderline
Space King 2
1979 Space Invaders Part II clone. Konami, released by Leijac.
1986 It's 2am. You're in the subway. The wrong place to be unless you're looking for trouble. They've got sticks, chains and your girlfriend. It's up to you to fight your way through the thug infested city to save her.
1981 Space - blast waves of alien bugs
1984 Space - Shoot hordes of alien bugs
1992 A run through the city and beat up all the bad giys game in the same vein as games like Final Fight. Judy has been kidnapped by the crime syndicate and Frank, Chris, and Alfred must save her.

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