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  Game Year Summary
Special Edition Trivia
0 No summary.
Hyper Sports Special Edition
1988 No summary.
San Francisco Rush: The Rock - Alcatraz Edition
1997 No summary.
Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition
1992 No summary.
Daytona USA Championship edition
1994 No summary.
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
1994 Sequel/upgrade to NBA Jam.
Street Fighter 2: Rainbow Edition
1991 A bootleg modified (read: not originally from Capcom) version of SFII:CE. Many new (and most "cheap"!) features.
Ryuuko No Ken Gaiden Limited Edition
0 No summary.
NFL Blitz 2000 Gold Edition
2000 Another in the NFLBlitz series.
Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition (Japan)
1992 No summary.
Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition
1992 No summary.
F355 Challenge 2: International Course Edition Arcade
2001 Update to F355 Challenge
Dance Dance Revolution (2013 edition)
2013 Another in the series of Dance Dance Revolution / Dancing Stage games.
Dance Dance Revolution (2014 edition)
2014 Another in the series of Dance Dance Revolution / Dancing Stage games.
Special Criminal Investigation
1990 No summary.
Special Dual
1979 No summary.
Special Dual Part II
1979 No summary.
Special Force Jackal
1986 No summary.
SPY: Special Project Y
1989 No summary.
Fatal Fury special
1993 No summary.
Realbout Fatal Fury Special
1997 No summary.
Sonic Wings Special 2
1994 No summary.
Sonic Wings Special 3
1995 No summary.
Special Project Y (S.P.Y.)
0 No summary.
Batsugun SPECIAL
1993 No summary.
Idol Janshi Su-Chi-Pi Special
1994 No summary.
S.P.Y. - Special Project Y
1989 No summary.
Special Force
0 No summary.
Special Force UAG
0 No summary.
Special Dual 2
0 No summary.
1999 No summary.
Hyper Sports Special
1988 No summary.
Music Trivia
1985 No summary.
Sex Trivia
1985 No summary.
La Trivia
1985 No summary.
Merit Trivia
0 No summary.
1975 No summary.
Trivia Master
1985 No summary.
Trivia Quiz
0 No summary.
Trivia Whiz
1984 No summary.
Video Trivia
0 No summary.
Picture Trivia
1991 No summary.
Big Bucks Trivia
1986 No summary.
Greyhound Trivia
0 No summary.
Lightning Round Tic Tac Trivia 1-3
1986 No summary.
MTV Trivia
1986 No summary.
Sports Trivia
1987 No summary.
Trivia Challenge
1985 No summary.
Trivia Whiz II
1985 No summary.
Trivia Whiz III
1985 No summary.
Trivia Whiz IV
1986 No summary.
Trivia Whiz V
1985 No summary.
Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting
1992 Choose from the original eight characters plus new boss characters in a speed-up version of Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition.
Championship Sprint
1986 race tiny cars around a course, special short-cuts appear here and there..
Quiz and Dragons
1992 A Capcom Quiz/Trivia game based on the atmosphere of their "King of Dragons" and "Dungeons and Dragons" games.
Karnov's Revenge (Fighters History Dynamite)
1994 horizontal shooter - pick up and use special tools - each level reveals a piece of a map
1995 2-D robot fighting game with highly maneuverable mecha and the usual special moves and combos.
Game Paradise
1995 Fun, whimsical shooter that contains some mesmerizing special effects and backgrounds.
War Gods
1996 3-D Fighting Game. Play as a wide variety of Gods and Deities with Special Powers and Moves.
Wizz Quiz
1985 A trivia game. Each question has 3 choices.
Kuhga - Operation Code Vapor Trail
空牙 – Operation Code Vapor Trail
1989 In 1999, a terrorist organization known only as DAGGER has occupied the city of New York where they have hacked into military defenses world-wide, established their own military command and gained access to nuclear missile silos. They hold the world hostage in this position and promise to cancel their threats of destroying the Earth only until the world's governments relinquish their power to DAGGER.
1981 Maze collection game (Pac-man style) based around collecting items(turtle eggs) hidden in Question Mark '?' boxes around the screen and returning them home. A.K.A. "Turtles."
Outfoxies, The
1995 A one or two player game in which you choose from a wide variety of characters and battle to the death with your opponent.
Marvel Vs. Capcom
1997 The 5th game by Capcom to utilize their insanely popular Xmen fighting game engine. Players select 2 characters out of a possible 15 (plus 5 hidden) and battle it out.
1990 Trog is a 1 to 4 player Pacman style game. Each player controls a dinosaur who must move around the island collecting their colored eggs and then making it back home first. There are 51 different levels.
Professor Pac-Man
1983 Trivia game with Pac-Man branding.
Ikari Warriors
1986 Jungle combat with guns and grenades against an army of evildoers. Lots of powerups and an eight-direction turning joystick/knob to control you fighter. Plus you get to jump into tanks! A classic two player reminiscent of Front Line.

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