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  Game Year Summary
Snow Brothers 3: Magical Adventure
2002 No summary.
Snow Bros.
1990 Also called Snow Bros. Nick & Tom
Snow Board
1996 No summary.
Snow Bros. 2: With New Elves
1994 Same as Snow Bros. but with 3 added characters. Known in Japan as Otenki Paradise: Snow Bros. 2
Balloon Brothers
1992 No summary.
Buster Brothers
1989 No summary.
Blood Brothers
1990 Wild West themed crosshair shooter. Sequel to "Cabal."
Fun Fun Brothers
0 No summary.
Zorton Brothers
1993 No summary.
Vs. Super Mario Brothers
0 No summary.
Bonanza Brothers
1990 No summary.
Magical Spot
1980 No summary.
Magical Spot 2
1980 No summary.
Magical Crystals
1991 No summary.
Magical Drop
1995 No summary.
Magical Drop 2
1996 No summary.
Magical Drop 3
1997 No summary.
Magical Twinbee
1995 No summary.
Quiz Magical Brain
1996 No summary.
Magical Date
1996 No summary.
Magical Drop plus1
1995 No summary.
Magical Tetris Featuring Mickey Mouse
1999 Tetris featuring Mickey Mouse, what else?
Bonze Adventure
1988 No summary.
Dark Adventure
1987 No summary.
Sky Adventure
1989 No summary.
Bonk's Adventure
1994 No summary.
Spin Master (Miracle Adventure)
1993 No summary.
Adventure Quiz
1989 No summary.
Adventure Quiz 2 Hatena no Dai-Bouken
1990 No summary.
Antarctic Adventure
1983 No summary.
Dramatic Adventure Quiz Keith & Lucy
1993 No summary.
Jigoku Meguri (aka Bonze Adventure)
1988 No summary.
Jo Jo's Bizare Adventure
1998 No summary.
Mizubaku Adventure
1990 No summary.
Quiz Mayku's Adventure
1992 No summary.
Crystal Castles
1983 The Brothers Grimm go 3-d. Pac-man style game in which you move Bentley Bear through a series of dazzling 3-d landscapes, collecting gems and avoiding balls, trees, and other bad guys.
Money Idol Exchanger
1997 English title: Money Puzzle Exchanger. Magical Drop with money denominations.
Winter Games
1987 Rather tricky lil' game w/8 diffrent levels of snow slashin' atari action
Wonder Boy
1986 Guide Wonder Boy through cartoon world - Cutsey platform game, save yer girlfriend - Also called Wonder Boy Deluxe (ワンダーボーイデラックス)
Legend of Kage, The
1985 Action/Adventure game set in ancient feudal Japan.
1981 Qix (pronounced "kicks") is a simple and elegant game in which you claim territory by drawing boxes to fill a rectangular space. You must avoid the Qix – sticklike objects that float and bounce through your space in unpredictable patterns. You can rack up more points for creating boxes more slowly, and besides the Qix, you must be careful of Sparx and Fuses which appear if your marker stops while you are drawing.
1987 Scrolling platform adventure, similar to Wonder Boy.
Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
1985 Adventure - guide Indy through caverns
Wonder Boy in Monster Land
1987 Fantasy platform adventure RPG kinda game..
1990 Trog is a 1 to 4 player Pacman style game. Each player controls a dinosaur who must move around the island collecting their colored eggs and then making it back home first. There are 51 different levels.
1981 Maze collection game (Pac-man style) based around collecting items(turtle eggs) hidden in Question Mark '?' boxes around the screen and returning them home. A.K.A. "Turtles."
Wizard of Wor
1981 Adventure - clear dungeons of monsters
Bank Panic
1985 Shoot bad guys behind the doors, don't shoot the good guys. Try to collect stolen money back.
1983 Adventure - slay the Beast
1984 Adventure - Run & jump across levels
Ikari Warriors
1986 Jungle combat with guns and grenades against an army of evildoers. Lots of powerups and an eight-direction turning joystick/knob to control you fighter. Plus you get to jump into tanks! A classic two player reminiscent of Front Line.
Mystic Marathon
1984 Adventure - run across islands