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  Game Year Summary
Gal's Panic 2 Quiz Version
1996 No summary.
Gal's Panic
1993 A simple Qix-like game (you draw areas that once completed fill the playfield locking the monsters away) with a cute girl appearing on the background after each level.
Gal's Panic 2
1990 No summary.
Gal's Panic 3
1996 No summary.
Gal's Panic 4
1996 No summary.
Gal's Panic S
1997 No summary.
Galaxian Version 2
1979 No summary.
Mr. Do's Castle version 2
1983 No summary.
GuitarFreaks 2ndMIX LINK version
ギターフリークス2ndMIX LINKバージョン
1999 No summary.
Rainbow Island (extra version)
1987 No summary.
Star Force version 2
1984 No summary.
Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix and Beatmania IIDX Substream Club Version 2
1999 Another in the series of Dance Dance Revolution / Dancing Stage games.
Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix with Beatmania IIDX Club Version
1999 Another in the series of Dance Dance Revolution / Dancing Stage games.
Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix Link Version
1999 Another in the series of Dance Dance Revolution / Dancing Stage games.
Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk - Extra Version
1995 An official ROM swap by Taito with increased rapid fire and swapped bosses
Space Panic
1980 Dig holes to trap aliens. Fill holes back up to kill them.
Tube Panic
1984 Space - blast your way to mothership
Bank Panic
1985 Shoot bad guys behind the doors, don't shoot the good guys. Try to collect stolen money back.
Nyan Nyan Panic
1988 No summary.
Panic Road
1986 Scrolling video pinball
Monkey Mole Panic
1992 No summary.
Panic Bomber
1994 No summary.
Panic Street
1999 No summary.
Panic Park
1998 No summary.
1997 No summary.
Pocket Gal 2
1988 pool game.
Block Gal
1987 No summary.
Pocket Gal
1987 No summary.
Flash Gal
1985 No summary.
Typhoon Gal
1985 No summary.
Night Gal
1983 No summary.
Pac Gal
1981 No summary.
Pastel Gal
1985 No summary.
Pocket Gal Deluxe
1992 No summary.
Sexy Gal
1985 No summary.
Sweet Gal
1985 No summary.
Time Gal
1985 No summary.
Pocket Gal DX
1992 No summary.
Street Fighter 2: Rainbow Edition
1991 A bootleg modified (read: not originally from Capcom) version of SFII:CE. Many new (and most "cheap"!) features.
Neo Bomber Man
1997 The arcade released Neo*Geo version of Bomberman. Similiar to the other versions. Also released for the Neo*Geo home cart system.
Quiz Show
1976 No summary.
Adventure Quiz: Capcom World
アドベンチャークイズ カプコンワールド
1989 Quiz game
Tic Tac Quiz
1977 No summary.
Triv Quiz
1982 No summary.
Triv Quiz II
0 No summary.
Trivia Quiz
0 No summary.
Whiz Quiz
1986 No summary.
Wizz Quiz
1985 A trivia game. Each question has 3 choices.
Quiz and Dragons
1992 A Capcom Quiz/Trivia game based on the atmosphere of their "King of Dragons" and "Dungeons and Dragons" games.
Quiz Back to School
1993 No summary.
Quiz Capcom World 2 (Japan onl
1992 No summary.
Quiz Daisousa Sen
1991 No summary.
Quiz Game (Japan Only)
0 No summary.
Quiz Ghost Hunters (Japan Only)
0 No summary.
Quiz HQ
0 No summary.
Quiz Island
1993 No summary.
Quiz King of Fighters
1995 No summary.
Quiz Ma-Q Daiboken
1991 No summary.
Quiz Magical Brain
1996 No summary.
Quiz Meitantei
0 No summary.
Quiz My Angel
子育てクイズ マイエンジェル
1996 No summary.
Quiz My Angel 2
子育てクイズ マイエンジェル2
1997 No summary.
Quiz Rouka ni Tatte
1991 No summary.
Quiz Shukudai wo Wa
1991 No summary.
Yuyu no Quiz de Go!Go!
1990 No summary.
Adventure Quiz: Capcom World 2
アドベンチャークイズ カプコンワールド2
1992 Quiz game, sequel to Adventure Quiz: Capcom World.
Dramatic Adventure Quiz Keith & Lucy
1993 No summary.
Hiroko Moriguchi's Quiz Woo! Hoo!
1995 No summary.
Kosodate Quiz My Angel
1996 No summary.
Kosodate Quiz My Angel 2
1997 No summary.
Moriguchi Hiroko no Quiz de Hyuuhyuu
1997 No summary.
Netto Gekito Quiz-to
1993 No summary.
Quiz Channel Question
1993 No summary.
Quiz Chikyu Bouei Gun
1991 No summary.
Quiz Daisousa Sen - The Last Count Down
1991 No summary.
Quiz de Hu-Hu
0 No summary.
Quiz Do Re Mi Fa Grand Prix 2
1995 No summary.
Quiz F-1 Race
1992 No summary.
Quiz Famous Detectives Neo & Geo
0 No summary.
Quiz Gakuen Paradise
0 No summary.
Quiz Gakumon No Susume
1993 No summary.
Quiz Hell Squadron
1992 No summary.
Quiz Hyhoo
1987 No summary.
Quiz Jinsei Gekijoh
1992 No summary.
Quiz Kokorogy
1993 No summary.
Quiz Life Theater
1993 No summary.
Quiz Mayku's Adventure
1992 No summary.
Quiz My Homework
1991 No summary.
Quiz My Yuyu
1991 No summary.
Quiz Naneiro Dreams
1996 No summary.
Quiz Panicuru Fantasy
0 No summary.
Quiz Quest
1991 No summary.
Quiz Race Kokorogy
1993 No summary.
Quiz Sangokushi
1991 No summary.
Quiz School Paradise II
1993 No summary.
Quiz Sekai Wa Show By
1993 No summary.
Quiz Theater:3 Stories
1995 No summary.
Quiz Theather of Live
1993 No summary.
Quiz Tonosama no Yabou
1991 No summary.
Quiz Tonosama no Yabou 2 Zenkoku-ban
1995 No summary.
Quiz Torimonochou
1990 No summary.
Quiz TV Variety Show
1992 No summary.
Quiz-Mahjong Hayaku Yatteyo!
1991 No summary.
Speed Champ - King of Quiz
1994 No summary.
Speed King - King of Quiz
1993 No summary.
Super Triv Quiz
1986 No summary.
Taisen Quiz HYHOO
1987 No summary.
Taisen Quiz HYHOO 2
1987 No summary.
Ultra Quiz
1987 No summary.
Quiz DoReMiFa GrandPrix2
1995 No summary.
Quiz Capcom World 2 (Japan only)
1992 No summary.
Quiz Shukudai wo Wasuremasita
1991 No summary.
Quiz Rouka ni Tattenasai
1991 No summary.
Gourmet Battle Quiz Ryohrioh CooKing
1998 No summary.
Maruko Deluxe Quiz
チビ マルコチャン
1995 "Chibi Marukochan"
Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting
1992 Choose from the original eight characters plus new boss characters in a speed-up version of Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition.
Jungle King
1982 Loincloth wearing character races to save girlfriend. Original version of Jungle Hunt.
Earth, Friend, Mission
1982 Nutting Associates 3D color vector prototype, pitched to be the arcade version of the movie Tron
New Rally-X
1981 Updated version of the racing game Rally-X with easier gameplay and the addition of a "lucky" flag.
Kyukyoku Tiger
1987 "Ultimate Tiger", the original version of Twin Cobra, sequel of Tiger Heli.
Continental Circuit
1987 US version of Continental Circus; comes in vertical or sit-down models.
Black Tiger
1987 Scrolling fighter with great music and great medieval monsters. U.S. version of Black Dragon.
Space Phantoms
1979 A version of Ozma Wars in which you shoot phantoms instead of space objects.
Dr. Mario
1990 A version of Tetris with Mario doing pills and destroying viruses.
1987 Horizontal shooter, kinda like a simpler/older version of Gradius.
1981 Qix (pronounced "kicks") is a simple and elegant game in which you claim territory by drawing boxes to fill a rectangular space. You must avoid the Qix – sticklike objects that float and bounce through your space in unpredictable patterns. You can rack up more points for creating boxes more slowly, and besides the Qix, you must be careful of Sparx and Fuses which appear if your marker stops while you are drawing.
Kuhga - Operation Code Vapor Trail
空牙 – Operation Code Vapor Trail
1989 In 1999, a terrorist organization known only as DAGGER has occupied the city of New York where they have hacked into military defenses world-wide, established their own military command and gained access to nuclear missile silos. They hold the world hostage in this position and promise to cancel their threats of destroying the Earth only until the world's governments relinquish their power to DAGGER.
Ikari Warriors
1986 Jungle combat with guns and grenades against an army of evildoers. Lots of powerups and an eight-direction turning joystick/knob to control you fighter. Plus you get to jump into tanks! A classic two player reminiscent of Front Line.
Haunted Castle
1988 Haunted Castle is an Arcade Version of Castle Vania.
Twin Cobra II
1995 Twin Cobra II is a military-themed vertically scrolling shoot 'em up game that plays similarly to the previous Twin Cobra.
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha
1996 This is a Japanese only release after Street Fighter Alpha 2 to please the Japanese pundits with the addition of Evil Ryu and other new modes of play.
Star Raker
1981 alien planet reskinned version of Borderline
Galaga '88
1988 The official sequel to Galaga gets updated with new graphics, in-game-music for bonus stages, and scrolling stages--not just stars.
Zero Target
1985 World version of Gekitsui Oh. Data East.
Black Dragon
1987 Black Dragon is the Japanese version of Black Tiger.
1996 Newer and more 3D version of Track & Field
1982 Tron is trapped inside a computer and forced to play games. Tron must destroy the evil MCP (Master Control Program). Based on the movie.
1980 The classic maze game. American version called "Pac-Man."
Asterix & Obelix
1992 A 2 player fighting game like Final Fight, the 2 characters you can choose are Asterix and Obelix.
Kuuga – Operation Code Vapor Trail
空牙 – Operation Code Vapor Trail
1989 Vapor Trail: Hyper Offense Formation, known in Japan as Kuuga – Operation Code Vapor Trail (空牙 – Operation Code Vapor Trail) and usually simply referred to as Vapor Trail, is a 1989 shoot 'em up arcade game developed and published by Data East. Vapor Trail was followed by Rohga: Armor Force and Skull Fang.
Vapor Trail
1989 Vapor Trail: Hyper Offense Formation, known in Japan as Kuuga – Operation Code Vapor Trail (空牙 – Operation Code Vapor Trail) and usually simply referred to as Vapor Trail, is a 1989 shoot 'em up arcade game developed and published by Data East. Vapor Trail was followed by Rohga: Armor Force and Skull Fang.
Raiden Fighters II: Operation Hell Dive
1997 One of the best vertical scrolling shooters yet. Great music, spectacular sound effects, and tons of multi-layer parallax, bright, vivid colors, and huge detailed bosses make this game a keeper.
Race Drivin'
1990 Enhanced version of Hard Drivin'.
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom
1994 Medieval 1-4 player cooperative slash'n'trash game where you choose from 4 diffrent characters, a fighter, an elf, a cleric and a dwarf.
Smash TV
1990 In the "distant" future of 1999, you are a contestant on the most violent game show of all – Smash TV. On this game show anything goes, as you attempt to collect prizes, cash, and keys by fighting off a host of enemies with your array of weapons. In some versions, if you collect enough keys, you are rewarded with a trip to the Pleasure Dome.
China Gate
1988 You (and optional teamate) choose 1 of 3 characters, battle many different enemies with different abilities, and beat various bosses. The goal is to retrieve a book which the enemies have stolen from your master (as you see in the attract screens).
Solitary Fighter
1991 Tweaked version of Violence Fight
Shadow Warriors
1988 European version of Ninja Gaiden.
Paint Roller
1981 Paint the paths of the maze in this Pac-Man clone. Same as "Make Trax" and "Crush Roller."
Make Trax
1983 Maze game, similar to Pac-Man, but instead of eating dots, you had to paint the street.
Wonder Boy
1986 Guide Wonder Boy through cartoon world - Cutsey platform game, save yer girlfriend - Also called Wonder Boy Deluxe (ワンダーボーイデラックス)
Marvel Vs. Capcom
1997 The 5th game by Capcom to utilize their insanely popular Xmen fighting game engine. Players select 2 characters out of a possible 15 (plus 5 hidden) and battle it out.
Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle
1996 Kizuna Encounter is a 1996 competitive fighting game produced by SNK for the Neo Geo arcade and home platform. It is the sequel to Savage Reign.
Fujiyama Buster
1992 Japanese version of Shogun Warrior
1981 Maze collection game (Pac-man style) based around collecting items(turtle eggs) hidden in Question Mark '?' boxes around the screen and returning them home. A.K.A. "Turtles."
Eliminator 4
1981 4-player tabletop version of Eliminator.
Lunar Lander
1979 Check it out: Atari’s first vector graphics game. Using a throttle lever and rotation buttons, you attempt to land a manned spacecraft on the moon. Readouts show fuel usage and speed readings which must be coordinated for a successful landing.

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